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How Product Videos Can Help Sales

What are the benefits of video presentations for product launches? Here is seven good reasons to adopt this best technique in your webmarketing communications strategies for business and other objectives.

What are the advantages of using video marketing?

What are the benefits and benefits of video product demonstrations? This is our advice, seven good reasons to adopt this best method in your business and marketing strategies. We hope to help you to be more effective in how you market your videos.

Here are some helpful tips…

But first: why using video marketing?

Nowadays, video is an essential format for being visible and be recognized on the Internet particularly on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok or Youtube. Beyond that, videos with an effective script can will increase five times the retention rate of your brand’s content. Whatever the subject (product launch, video for communication event or social media-related animation video telling …) and your audience (internal and external) marketing video can be adapted seamlessly to any need. Afterward, these videos can be used in your blog posts (for an effective method of generating content).

What are the different types of videos to use for marketing inbound?

Video of the event

If it is designed well The event video can be viewed by the largest audience possible and fulfills several objectives to create a teaser trailer of an event, record the registrations, make live-streamed videos, as well as bring events to life with an archive of it. Your brand will be able to gain recognition from the public and will also have positive effects on the image of your company.

Social media

A social media video strategy boosts to 10 times more engagement of the target audience when compared with any other type of content. The applications for “”social video” for a minimal cost (and often for no cost) are increasing on all levels: tutorial videos or testimonials from customers on YouTube and live video on Periscope to broadcast announcement or corporate event.

Promotion of products

The launch of a brand new product is a significant event for any company. To ensure that the launch is successful, the selection of media for communication is crucial. 92% of the videos that are watched on social media are shared. What better way than the world of digital media to showcase your most recent products?

Content promotion

Are you looking to share your content with others about your product and connect with new customers? Video promotional videos can be the best method to draw attention and showcase your content in a stimulating and entertaining manner.

Customer testimonials to help prospective customers

To increase the credibility of your ideas or products, it’s essential that your most raving customers leave testimonials. More relatable and warm than text alone testimonial videos provide the type of testimonial that can convey more credibility.

1. An comprehension of the product or service to differentiate yourself from rivals

97% of marketers claim that video content gives them an comprehension of the product to the consumer (HubSpot The state of marketing videos in 2017).

Videos also offer assurance 50 percent of buyers believe they are less likely to return a product when they see a video demo on the merchandise (Source: ReelSEO).

2. Power of illustrations illustrates the product from all angles with the most effective qualities

It is possible to incorporate multiple shots or animated sequences in your presentation of the product so that customers can see the product from different angles. You can include mockups, 360-degree photos or images from various angles. It’s a method of replicating what you see in stores without having the customer actually visit the store.

Video content can be the first step to get people interested into consideration a product. It could provide a wealth of marketing information that allows the potential buyers to make a decisionand save time looking up the product (less time-consuming and less effort and more.). It enhances your prospects’ experience as well as their perception of your product (and branding perception as well).

3. Affecting value to your company

The power of the video content is in the story telling around the product. By contextualizing the product, by adding an underlying story to it will draw your customers in emotionally and inspire feelings of empathy.

Experts in buying behaviour believe that “the purchase is motivated through emotion, not information” .

4. The media of presentation that is ubiquitous

Videos are a form of media that is accessible to all. The use of mobile devices has been increasing exponentially for many years. One indication to this fact is the 85percent of the videos on Facebook are watched without audio, particularly in public areas. This is also the largest and most used medium. According to Wyzowl 68% of consumers would prefer a video presentation over any other medium (text or infographics brochures, images etc. ).

5. The ultimate benefits of the customer

One of the main benefits that video-based content has is the fact that it’s depicting the product in its actual situations. It allows you to describe the entire or some of the functions in order to increase consumers’ comprehension about the item. In this way the aim of these explanations of features is to tie the functions of the product to the benefits it offers customers, by using images to demonstrate how it is able to satisfy their requirements.

6. A produktvideo will boost engagement

In addition to the video and a thorough presentation, your page must permit users to post comments. Comment on a post via social media. In addition to the engagement it will generate for the product, you may also utilize this feedback to enhance your video for promotion or to emphasize the positive feedback. Remember that your viewers’ participation rate will be 10x greater using video than conventional posts. This kind of video lets you attract new audiences based on the social media platform that you are using.

7. Video content increases conversion rates and lead generation on the internet

After watching a video 68 percent (according according to Google) and even 73 percent (according ReelSEO) ReelSEO) of people will be more inclined to purchase the product on the internet. Videos of products that are viewed at the end of the purchasing process can help prospects in their decision-making. The A/B test has shown the advantages of video presentations. If they are posted alongside the order page, videos can boost convert rates of 57% as compared to pages that do not have videos (Source: Teester).

It is best to incorporate a call-to action in the middle and at the conclusion in your film. Make sure that if the video is longer than two minutes long, just 50% of viewers will view the video until the end.

It’s particularly important to remember the fact that 81% of marketers believe that video can have an impact directly in sales increase (HubSpot The state of marketing with video in 2017).