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Partition Uses For Schools & Nurseries

Nurseries, schools and education sectors generally have large volumes of children in classrooms, assembly halls and canteens. It’s great for interaction purposes, but it can also be beneficial to divide areas for learning and group sessions.

Office partitions have come along way in style and design options. Taking them from drab and professional, to current and bold. So, in an environment where expression and creativity are imperative, what type of partitions are available?

Portable Room Dividers

Large or small schools can benefit from the Portable Room Divider. The concertina, portable solution only needs to be out about when in use. For the rest of the time, the unit is stored away, out of sight without adding unnecessary clutter.

Using portable screening ensures the screen can be wheeled from room to room and shared between departments to support teachers and students.

Static Partition Screens

In comparison to the portable design, the static screen is a slightly more permanent fixture and remains in place for longer periods of time.

The perfect solution to create work booths, one on one learning areas and quiet reading / work areas in a library.

Now we’ve looked at style of screen, what support can they offer?

Education Tools

Printed partitions, both static and portable are very fun!

The screen holds your custom artwork which can be corporate, and logo based or completely fun, educational and packed full of colour.

Printed screens can be used to help with nursery rhymes, counting, animal names or focused on higher education for historical facts, doubling up as an eye-catching educational tool.

Display Facility

Notices, coursework, and art projects all need somewhere to be displayed!

Loop nylon fabric is a common material used with displays boards and can be used to attach information etc with hook and loop attachments.

The same principal goes for the Loop Nylon Room Divider which showcases a double sided design and can hold your choice of material.

Medical Emergency

It’s not a nice subject but in the event of a medical emergency or incident, privacy is required.

With the help of a laminate screen, privacy is easy to achieve, and the gloss finish can be easily cleaned and sanitised after each use.

Furthermore, a lightweight portable screen can be quickly rolled over to the incident area. 


Exams are known for taking place in a large hall, with spaced seating areas placed throughout. In the eventuality that further precautions should be taken, room dividers can create individual booths to reduce distractions and encourage full focus on the test or exam.

Learning booths

Classrooms are quite big rooms, as there must be plenty of seats and space to learn and play. But for those who need additional support, or are behind on homework, partitioning off several workspaces can be really useful to help with concentrations levels.

Utilise the standard classroom and maximise the use of the space and create an inviting learning booth.