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Product design agencies make you more agile

If this is the first time you’ve considered hiring a product design consultancy then you’ve probably got a problem which you’re looking to solve and are contemplating your options as well as the benefits the expertise of a design expert could help. The chances are you’ve hit the problem you aren’t sure how to tackle or you don’t have the time, expertise, or resources in place to solve it or you have something else making it difficult to tackle on your own. It’s almost always due to a mix of issues in the workplace, typically insufficient time, knowledge and agility, or even resources. It is likely that you belong to one of the following camps:

There isn’t the knowledge to resolve a problem at home
You don’t have the time or resources to address it within your own organization.
You’re not able to resolve the issue within the timescale
You have to think of something completely new, however internal efforts have led to predictable results.

A design consulting firm will be able to solve all these issues. Depending on your business and its size, the industry and your place in it product design consulting service can provide you with numerous benefits and benefits.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the advantages having a product design consultancy from the eyes of the client , as well as the different issues they can assist with. Here are 10 reasons to consider working with a consultancy.

The reasons to engage the services of a design consultant

1. Consultancies might have experience you do not have.

No two product design consultancies are the same and tend to specialize in different specific areas. Some specialize in strategies, while others are more creative, others have deep specialisms in more technical areas, such as drug and medical delivery devices. Based on the specific challenges you face there is a product design agency who has expertise where you do not , which means you do not have to spend time developing these skills within your own organization. Finding a design consultancy who already understand your industry and have the expertise they require can provide invaluable insights, and help you save time and cash.

2. You can concentrate on the outcomes rather than details

When you decide to work through a consultant, you are hiring an already established design team that has methods and procedures for solving problems that are already established. The company you choose to work with will have a project manager to keep the project on track, as well as experts who can create solutions to issues that might otherwise take up your energy, time and attention. This means that rather than being required to solve every problem you can step back and see the bigger picture for your plan. It lets you focus on the business context as well as the value you can bring to your customers. It helps keep up the momentum and enthusiasm you have for a project.

3. They might have solved similar problems before

Sometimes , you’ll find a design consultancy who have previously done something similar to what they are doing, they might have created a similar product, worked within your field previously, or even solved the same issue in a different sector. In any case the result of this is that they will probably already have a good knowledge of your industry and customers or the issue at hand. They may also already be aware of the technical and regulatory factors and will be able to assist you solve your issue quicker and with less effort.

4. You don’t have enough time or resources in-house

Sometimes, it’s not a lack of understanding or expertise that you’re dealing with, rather it’s an insufficient the availability of these resources. You may have hundreds of designers and engineers working in your organization but they could all be busy with other projects or sustaining existing products. A product design consultancy can serve as a functional design department that you can integrate into your business to tackle a specific issue without taking focus away from other important projects.

5. Internal development could take too long

If your company is quite large , it’s likely everything takes quite a long time. In particular, the process of designing and developing products. There are many causes why this happens and it gets worse the bigger the business is. Design consultancies are generally agile companies and large businesses can benefit from consulting with design consultants for their creativity, agility and problem-solving capabilities. Even if your business isn’t that large, since they focus on product design and engineering the majority of consultancies are designed to accomplish tasks faster than you can in-house.

6. You’d like to see a different perspective

If you’ve attempted to come up with innovative ideas but find yourself coming to the same conclusions, it’s time to reconsider the way you run your business. One of the primary responsibilities of Flynn Product Design Company is to question the way you do things and present you with options based on their own research into the market and needs of users. These solutions may include ideas that you might not have thought of (otherwise where’s the value?). The idea of entrusting your problem to someone outside of your organization to solve it can produce innovative and insightful solutions, particularly when guided by a solid design thinking approach.

7. It is not a good idea to engage for a temporary project

Another benefit when working with a design consulting company is that they get access to a pool of technical and creative individuals who are typically skilled equipped with the latest technology and adhering to a well oiled product design process. A design consulting firm acts as an in-built design department for your business and will be able to join and get fast to be up and running. It is advantageous because there is no need to hire which is especially beneficial if it is only a temporary requirement or you need to get moving quickly. If you’re working on an immediate project that requires a team but you don’t want to recruit using a consultant might be the best alternative for you.

8. You can accomplish more in less time

A product design consulting is an equivalent to a design and engineer department within your organization. In addition to providing space to explore new ideas and new concepts, having a design consultancy on board can increase the capacity of your company to manage more projects simultaneously. The consultant will handle the coordination and management, assigning the proper technical and project managers to your projects. They can provide multiple briefings or even provide multiple design consultancies on different projects in order to accelerate your progress.

9. They could be able to help if you lose team members

Business aren’t always fully resourced and even if they are, the balance may shift when someone leaves the team or a new possibility or problem arises in which there is no team member with the right expertise. Design consultancies, by their nature, tend to have an array of personnel and expertise, and frequently will have someone who is able to take over to fill in the gap on short notice. This is especially useful because finding the perfect candidate and replacing skills lost is often a lengthy process that can take months.

10. You don’t have to set up an in-house design team

If you don’t create new products frequently it can be expensive and unnecessary to hire a designer or product design team in-house. It is possible to collaborate with a product design consultant when you are working on an upcoming project, and after the project has been completed you aren’t subject to any additional financial or legal obligations. This can help minimize the chance of losing knowledge because of employees leaving your company, especially in the case of a small company or has a tiny design team.

Which of these applies to you?

The chances are at the very least one or two of these points apply to you. From the biggest to the very smallest organisations the majority of them have had to deal with a combination of these issues. From small businesses that lack experience in key areas to global organizations that are under threat from new challenges and that need to be more flexible. The issues are common so if you’ve got some new challenges, you might be wise to speak to consultants.