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Reasons Businesses Should Employ Apprentices

Apprenticeships are growing in popularity across the UK. There were 509,400 new apprenticeships in England in 2020/21; 9,500 more than last year. The jobs range from engineering and legal services to banking and banking. What qualities and skills can an apprentice bring to your business? Here are the top 10 reasons to invest in an apprentice.

10. Motivation, Energy, and Enthusiasm

Many companies forget that apprentices do not work for a large salary. They are enrolled in the job to learn and improve skills for their future career, regardless of whether they work within the same company. Apprentices must have passion for the job to be able understand and develop the skills required. This will drive them to achieve their potential and deliver amazing results for your company.

9. Enhance Your Workforce

Young people make up the majority of apprentices. They can add something exciting, new and lively to your workforce and improve productivity. They can also bring up-to-date and new skills that will benefit your business. While you may be teaching them important skills, apprentices can also give back.

8. Cost Effectiveness

Apprenticeships UK are a great investment. 59% of employers agree that it is economical to train an apprentice. Most apprentices get a job as a full-time employee of the same company after completing an apprenticeship. This makes the investment in the apprenticeship even more worthwhile. Even if they are not offered a job, the company still makes their time valuable by training them and making them available for the future.

7. Fill your Skill Gaps

Apprentices can bring specific skills to your business. Employers and apprentices can work together to find the right apprentices for their business.

6. Give back to the economy

You are helping to combat unemployment and create a future workforce by hiring an apprentice. Research shows that apprentices are often admired by consumers who find out that you care about young people. This could indicate that consumers will choose to do business with companies who demonstrate social responsibility than those that don’t.

5. Attracting the best talent is possible.

People who choose to apprentice are looking to validate and maximize their skills in a particular work area. They are ready to show what they can offer in order to be considered for a job at your company. It is possible to come face-to-face and meet someone with the exact skill set that you need. Apprentices aren’t familiar with the working environment so they can’t transfer any work habits. They can also be trained and tailored to your company’s needs.

4. Benefit your Business

Your business can reap the benefits of apprentices in many ways. Apprentices are able to improve the performance of your business and increase employee loyalty through their training.

3. Your Bottom Line will improve

Companies receive funding for every apprentice they hire, which means they don’t have to spend as much on recruiting new staff. It is more cost-effective to train apprentices than to hire already skilled workers, which can result in lower training and recruitment costs. Employing apprentices can increase productivity, which is a benefit for the entire company.

2. Apprentices can be adapted to specific job roles

You can be certain that your business will have an apprentice to fill any gap. Apprentices are flexible and can be customized to meet your specific needs. Hiring an apprentice will allow your business to run more efficiently, as you can be sure that there are people who fulfill each role.

1. Start a learning journey

Employing apprentices can be beneficial for all employees. Apprenticeships can help workers validate their business skills, and they can give apprentices the confidence and talent that is needed in their chosen industry. This benefits the entire company.