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Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

You are mistaken if you believe that mobile apps only exist for major brands like Walmart or Bank of America. Mobile apps are becoming more popular among small and mid-sized businesses.
Many small businesses that you deal with regularly have their own mobile app. These companies are a step ahead in digital marketing.

Here are seven reasons why you should build your own mobile application.
1. Always be visible to customers

The average American adult spends 3 hour and 43 minutes using their mobile device. Although there are only a few applications that make up the majority of the usage, that doesn’t mean they don’t have to be used. Each user still has to open, scroll and scan their device in order for them find the apps they need. It can be a benefit to your company to be “in the path”, since our minds subconsciously record every image and text (or app icon!) It will be noticed.
2. Create a direct marketing channel

Apps have many functions. They can provide general information, prices and booking forms, as well as search features, user accounts and messengers.

The best thing about a mobile application is the ease with which you can provide all the information that you want to your customers. Push notifications bring you closer to direct interaction and allow customers to be reminded about your products or services whenever it is appropriate.
3. Give value to your customers

Digitalizing your loyalty program is a great way to get on-hand data. Instead of sticking with the traditional point-collection cards, give your customers the option to receive their rewards via your mobile application. The result? You get more downloads and return customers.

4. Increase brand recognition

An app that is mobile-friendly can help you increase brand awareness. This topic can be broken down into two components, which together will make your mobile app a real winner.

Brand. A mobile application is like a billboard. You have the freedom to make your mobile app unique, stylish, functional, bold or informative. What you really want is an app that is both well-branded and beautiful designed.
Recognition. Your app should be used as often as possible to get customers involved. This will increase the likelihood that they will purchase your product/service. This is also known as “effective frequency” in advertising. As a general rule, customers should hear and/or see your brand 20 times per week to get noticed.

5. Improve customer engagement

Customers need to have a way of reaching you regardless of whether they are buying flowers or spa services. Your app’s messaging (or help desk!) feature can really improve the way your customers communicate with you. It’s a principle that OpenTable, for instance, has built its entire business model on. OpenTable makes it easy to book a table at a restaurant by allowing you to make five clicks via their website. Consider this: How many customers would rather talk to you by text than by phone?
6. Be different from your competitors

Small business apps are less common these days, which is why you have the opportunity to make a significant leap ahead of your rivals. You can be the first one in your area to offer a smartphone app to customers. They will be impressed by your innovative approach!
7. Cultivate customer loyalty

Last but not least, customer loyalty is the main reason you should consider building your mobile app. All the advertising around us is overwhelming, from billboards to billboards to flashing signs to flyers, flyers, coupons to websites, banners on Facebook, email marketing, and roadside advertisements. This causes our customers’ loyalty levels in the long-term.

It’s time for you to make a genuine and lasting connection with your customers. This will help them become loyal lovers of your product or service. Although I don’t believe a mobile application will save your company, it can help you be closer to your customers by being just a fingertip away.

Still not convinced? You’re now convinced. Two options are available:

You can hire an app development agency, or you can bring your own app developers UK on board. It all depends on how much focus you place on your mobile strategy.
To build your own mobile application, you can use one of the many available mobile app builders, such BuildFire or Como, without needing to know any coding or technicalities.

No matter what your business size, mobile apps are now a common feature. Your future success depends on your choices today. It is up to you to decide if it’s something you would like to do.