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The cost of hiring an SEO agency

Still unsure about hiring an SEO agency?

It’s understandable. You’ve probably seen everybody and their mom on Twitter as well as LinkedIn trying to sell you on the idea of SEO. Everyone is doing it which is why you shouldn’t… according to reports.

What is the reason? It can be hard to grasp a concept as precise and sometimes incomprehensible as SEO and comprehend how it directly benefits your business.

That’s why we’re here. We’re here to dissect 16 direct and undeniable SEO benefits. When it works, it really is effective.

SEO helps you attract qualified leads

The great thing about SEO is that it doesn’t about getting “out there” in the wild – anyplace “there” is for traffic and customers; casting a wide net and trying to land the right catch. No – it’s about bringing customers and traffic directly to your digital entrance by determining the exact items and data they’re searching for and putting them on a platter.

This means that the people who end up on your site are on looking for a company exactly like yours, and they are just not yet able to find you. The only thing you then need to do is demonstrate the world that you’re an authentic expert on the subject with high-quality content.

The hiring of an SEO agency boosts brand awareness

One of the most fundamental principles in SEO involves link-building (as every good link-building agency), which involves getting websites from third parties which links to your own within a piece of content. These links, commonly referred to as backlinks, are the crucial ranking factors used by search engines to determine whether or not your site is worthy of being promoted to the top of search engine result pages (SERPs). The more backlinks of high-quality you have the better.

Digital PR is one of our preferred methods of earning the backlinks of our clients. With a digital agency, you produce a unique data set with an eye-catching angle, and then mail it to relevant publications, who are then able to write an article on the data set.

The benefit of all this is that your brand gets highlighted in national, regional and even international publications, and also earns you a decent natural backlink. This increases brand recognition and credibility of the brand, making you more of an influential figure within your field.

SEO is a strategy to target the entire marketing funnel

It’s not uncommon to imagine SEO as a fairly cut-and-dry practice. Find some keywords, write some content, win some backlinks, and then hope for the best. Wrong.

The most effective SEOs have a reputation for being content-based marketers as and technical wizards. We employ a humanistic approach to sales to search engines, identifying queries at every step of the traditional marketing funnel such as awareness, consideration and decision-making – and then generating material that can guide a user through these steps and maximize the potential of your website.

SEO helps improve user experience for websites

If your site isn’t user-friendly It’s not optimised. Although many people – including those who aren’t well-informed SEOs consider Google’s algorithms to be a futuristic mystery machine with complex and unreliable thinking patterns, Googlebot is actually designed to mirror the experience of human beings who use search engines.

Search engine crawlers, also known as’spiders are the software that scans your site and collects information to be indexed by search engines – rely heavily on their ability to navigate your website’s structure. Does your website’s content have its correct spot? Is everything properly categorised? Do all of your web pages linked? Is your menu for your website simple to navigate?

They are the same factors that can improve UX for human users and must be considered a top goal for any high-quality SEO agency you work with.

Reap long-term rewards that multiply

A properly planned SEO campaign has ripple effects well beyond simply getting your website to get ranked.

Let’s set the scene: You’re a few months involved with an SEO agency. All your technical elements are running smoothly, your site content is optimized and you’re rolling out an ever-growing amount of blog content. You decide to run your first digital PR campaign.

It’s an average success initially, but it does earn you two important links from regional news outlets. Then, the content you’re featured in start getting published on social media platforms, which increases the brand’s visibility. A growing number of people begin to link to your website and this improves your backlink profile. You start seeing marked increases in rankings and traffic. As time passes, your earnings begin hiking and, satisfied with the outcomes, you decide to repeat this cycle. Why wouldn’t you? !

This is one of many reasons why reliable SEO agencies do not give time-sensitive assurances like “you’ll be on the front page of SERPs within two weeks!”. The most profitable rewards of SEO campaigns are the ones that yield multiple times more than.

You can compete with the top brands in your industry

Every business is competing, but there’s just a few spaces available at the highest levels.

If you’re in a competitive market, or trying to gain business from established competitors. In this scenario there’s a simple reason why you should hire an SEO agency: it’s because other firms are using them.

The websites that are on the top 5 positions on SERPs – the place where the majority of the traffic goes to – aren’t just the result of random luck. There are teams of specialists working day-in, day-out working behind-the-scenes to bring there. If you’re thinking of competing with them, you need to perform the same.

Lower marketing costs

When the time comes to cut costs marketing is often the first thing to get cut. Often, it’s the only thing businesses can afford to cut. It was evident in the COVID-19 outbreak, where marketing budgets dipped from 11.2 percent of revenue in 2018 down to 6.4 percent in 2021 and have only just started to get back to normal.

In spite of the overall decline in marketing spending as a whole, the demand for and spending for SEO as well as digital increased. This is due to an ill-earned reputation for being expensive, SEO is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods that can cut the cost of acquisition by as much as 87.41 percent.

Amazing ROI

Due to its cheap cost compared with other approaches and laser-focused, customers based on data, SEO has been dubbed the highest-value approach to marketing inbound within the post-pandemic ‘New normal’.

If done properly If done correctly, it can When done correctly, it will help B2B companies generate double the amount of revenue through search as other marketing channel. It can also yield an average of 12.2x of your marketing budget. These figures are expected to increase as more and more businesses are moving to online channels in the pre-New Normal era. Nasdaq predicted that 95% of purchases will take place online by 2040.

Determine the your results

SEO should be data-driven through every stage of the process from generating outcomes to measuring them and then using these metrics to generate more results.

Content design decisions are made with data derived directly from search engines as well as the most advanced SEO analytics tools. This lets you set realistic and achievable targets and track progress over time. Most reputable agencies utilize a variety of metrics, including rankings, traffic, and the average session time to track your customer’s journey across the website. You can pinpoint the exact issues and determine how much of your increase in revenue is directly related to SEO.

This makes it simple to establish and maintain the business case for hiring an SEO agency.

Get people to visit brick-and-mortar stores.

Let us ask you a question If a friend wishes to meet you for coffee, however, you’re not able to think of one that’s conveniently located for both of you. What should you do? You search for one. Let’s say after a cup of coffee you decide to go to the bookstore, but you don’t know where to go. How do you get there? You look it up.

SEO is a way of putting small businesses in the spotlight. So much of our daily lives are influenced by searches and, regardless of what your personal opinion is the fact that it can have a direct effect on your business. According to Google the majority of mobile search results lead to an in-store visit within one day. If your business is not on the top of the pile for those search results, you’re losing business to local competitors.

Get a expert team available

There’s a tendency to, particularly with the abundance of conflicting advice out there to make a DIY attempt at your website’s SEO. Please don’t do this. We’re begging you.

Why spend countless additional hours on top of your current work to try and master an extremely technical and complex discipline that is best done by a team of people who make an income to compete against the big-name agencies that hire brands, when you could make your own team to handle it for you?

Hiring an SEO agency Brighton gives you access to the combined knowledge of expert technical specialists with understanding of web development and programming professionals, content marketers who are professional and digital PR specialists and copywriters combined.

SEO can have positive ripple effects in every aspect of advertising

SEO does not exist in an isolated space. Strategies are best when all of your online channels and assets are coordinated and optimized, including:

Your website

Your content

Your brand

Your social media

SEO strategies are based on the strength of your website, which is the core of the business, or in certain cases, the business itself. It makes sense, then for your SEO agency’s work will be reflected across your web presence. A top-quality website requires strong branding; strong copy requires a clear and compelling message with a clear tone engaging social media requires engaging content, and so forth…

Agents have all the inside knowledge

It is believed that the SEO sector community has become the ultimate learning center. The algorithms of Google are kept secret, which means that SEO companies often have the opportunity to make use of their best resource: each other.

Platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn allow us to not just look over each other’s work study spikes and dips in each other’s traffic and find out about the most current paradigm-shifting updates as well as interact through Google’s search advocates and find answers to our questions.

SEOs are also clued into the most recent developments and trends in search via podcasts, industry publications such as Search Engine Journal, newsletters that are produced by other agencies and much, much more. Being involved in this all day ensures that agencies and their staff members are at the forefront of everything related to search.

Meet your customers better

Maybe it’s true what they say: You don’t actually know someone until you’ve had a look at their Google search background.

In a similar way to the relationship you have with your target audience It’s incredible what you can find out about your customer base by using an easy list of keywords. By conducting keyword analysis, SEOs can draw a picture of your target group by providing you with exact information, using their own words about their issues and gaps in knowledge.

This information can be used not just to direct your customers across the funnel, but also to create customer personas and improve the overall targeting of your proposition.

Talking of…

Discover new opportunities

What if you could find something that your user wanted to know, or offered, and you could gain an advantage over the market by delivering the product?

This is by no means an absolute requirement, however it’s not unusual that a specific search query – or more precisely, a specific customer requirement will pop out in data that’s not part of your current business model, but within your potential range of operations; something that makes you go: “huh… it’s not a bad idea in the end”.

By looking for the products and information that they actually would like, your clients are, in a way, giving you new ideas for your company.