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The Various Benefits of Mobile Whiteboards

There are only a few available dry erase whiteboards today. But you can never go wrong when you choose a mobile board. Continue reading to discover all the benefits that mobile whiteboards provide to their users.
They are available in various material choices

Whiteboards come with a wide variety of materials. Mobile whiteboards don’t disappoint. Melamine/plastic and porcelain/ceramic are three of the most commonly used materials. Glass is another. Whiteboards made of melamine/plastic cost the least. Melamine whiteboards are perfect for light use because they can be easily worn. These whiteboards are well-known for their ‘ghosting’ issues. Ghosting occurs when markers leave stains behind on your whiteboard, which cannot be removed by an eraser.

Porcelain whiteboards are best for heavy-use, because they can withstand the abuse and use of heavy applications. The board’s surface is resistant to scratches and denting, even after being used by many users. The non-porous nature of the whiteboard means that it will last for years and require very little maintenance. It’s more expensive to buy a porcelain whiteboard mobile.

Glass mobile whiteboards are a beautiful option for those who want a modern, elegant whiteboard. Glass whiteboards are non-porous so there is no chance of your boards ever getting smudged.

They are cost-effective and can be used as a backup.

Mobile whiteboards allow you to move them from one place to the next. This saves money and allows you to use your savings for other important projects. Additionally, there are many board materials available so you can choose the one that fits your budget.

They can be used as partitions

In large open spaces with open floor plans, mobile whiteboards are also a good choice for room dividers. Even better, many mobile whiteboards can adjust their height to suit the needs of different users.

Consider your needs when choosing the right mobile whiteboard for you space. Not all whiteboards are created equal. Before you make a choice on which mobile whiteboard you will use, take into consideration your budget, space and objective.