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Ways to Keep Your CPD Record Up To Date

CPD suggests Continuing Professional Development and it’s crucial for you as being an assessor to remain up this info. I understand this’s apparent, but we need to refresh your mind on CPD.

CPD is all about taking qualifications and training courses that will enable you to to enhance your knowledge and skills. CPD records are often kept as a portfolio and must incorporate your objectives and goals to allow you to enhance a lot more.

As an assessor, you’ll be viewed as an’ expert’ by your learners, therefore it’s necessary you remain as updated within your area as is possible. In case you’re offered a project, plus you go out of the company, they are going to want to see your CPD record, therefore it’s a wise idea to always keep an updated record.
The best way to ensure that it stays updated

You will be thinking, How do I contribute to my CPD Portfolio? What classes as CPD? Here will be the top ways to always keep your CPD record as many as date:

  1. Meetings on standardisation

Not merely are these dull standardisation meetings good fun to attend, though you are able to really count towards your CPD in case you attend them a minimum of two times a year! These meetings are essential because they enable all assessors to continue with any alterations to the standards they’re evaluated on, therefore they’re essential in all seriousness. They’re also a good way to improve your understanding by revealing your tips and very best practices along with other assessors.

You need to contact the Lead IQA to your centre in case you’re not sure when these standardisation meetings will be held.

  1. CPD seminars & events

Throughout the UK you will find literally a huge selection of CPD events & conferences, therefore you shouldn’t have any problem finding them. They may be utilized to help keep you up – to – day on the qualifications you provide and also any changes that happen. Additionally they have regular speakers that simply help promote the event, therefore you will never know who you are going to rub shoulders with. Events and seminars are the most effective way to stay one step forward.

  1. Feedback – Reflection – Evaluation – Action

We described the benefits of feedback probably, though it will be an excellent CPD activity going through this responses – manifestation – evaluation – motion loop. Let us have a look through each process:


This can assist you identify your weaknesses and strengths. Feedback can be extremely helpful when it’s taken on board, and also helps to develop your skills further. Make note of all responses received inside your CPD log, whether it’s out of your colleagues or perhaps learners. Constructive criticism is able to allow you to be a much better assessor and also you are able to learn from it.


It’s occasionally best that you stop and get a breath. So what can we learn by reading your feedback? Do you find some common themes? What must you do to alter the way you try to conquer these weaknesses?

Analyzing :

Much like reflection, analysis is much more about gathering concepts on what you’re about to change. Often simply starting the motions and also recognizing the areas in which you have to boost is enough. Whenever we perform the same each day, we quite often fall into behaviors that we do not actually see until somebody calls us out on it. You’ve one last stage for other weaknesses that require work.


It is such an essential action to take. That which you are able to do is jot down all of the areas that require work and your evaluation has highlighted. Keep reviewing these activities and guaranteeing you are doing anything about them with the most suitable CPD activity.

Though it’s so easy to get swept up in the spam which is dumping into your inbox each day, registering for newsletters is an excellent approach to keep in touch with what’s taking place inside your industry. There are usually a lot of changes that occur in the Further Education sphere, so receiving regular updates is crucial.

Taking the time twice or once a week to enjoy a fast read through your favorite industry blogs is a good kind of CPD. With things changing extremely rapidly, you have to ensure you continue in the loop. This does not mean you’ve to pour over your pc for long periods of time, there are plenty of great sources available – a quick Google search needs to point you in the correct path.