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What are the advantages to using a video production service in Bristol?

The rise of video production is a big trend in the business world. But why is it so popular? It drives results. We’ve used our industry knowledge to highlight the top ten benefits of creating corporate video.

1. Google Ranking Improvement
Google has placed YouTube video at the top of their search results since 2006 when they bought YouTube. You can rank higher by creating quality videos, as entire thumbnails of your video are now included in search results. Make sure you optimize your YouTube videos for SEO by writing relevant titles, descriptions, and descriptions.

2. Describe your services
It can be difficult to convey exactly what you do and how it is better than your competitors in just one paragraph. Corporate video is the best way for your customers to understand your brand.

3. Convert more customers
A video background on your website’s landing pages is one of 2016’s biggest design trends. Research shows that embedding a high-quality corporate video on your website’s landing page can increase conversions by as much as 80%.

4. Establish trust with your clients
Corporate video gives clients a peek behind the scenes at your business. It is a more personal way to introduce your company, products, and staff than text-based content. It helps build trust and confidence in your business.

5. Keep your visitors on your site longer
You want people to stay on your site as long as you can. This not only increases your chances of them becoming customers, but also increases your organic search rank with Google. People spend more time on your website when they watch a video.

6. Your customers deserve the best
Video production is a big trend and will not be slowing down. According to reports, 82% of all internet traffic will be spent watching videos by 2020.

7. Encourage others to share your posts on social media
If you don’t want to pay, it can be hard to engage with customers via social media. If a company does not pay to sponsor their posts on Facebook, only 3-4 percent of their posts will be shown to their followers. Video is the most shared post type on social media so investing in video production Bristol will increase your chances of getting noticed organically.

8. Educate your employees
Training employees is easy with corporate video. It provides both visual and audio stimulation which makes it easy for employees to understand and retain the information. It can also be distributed to your employees much more easily than traditional training manuals.

9. Keep up with your competitors
According to statistics, more than half of businesses use video to engage customers. These numbers show that video production is a competitive advantage for businesses who don’t want to be left behind.

10. Improve email marketing
Although email marketing is a great way to grow leads it can sometimes be difficult to get people to click through to your website. However, if you use the word “video” in your email subject line, it can increase your click through rates by as much as 65%.