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What is Corporate Video?

Do you need a corporate video to promote your company?
You can make an engaging corporate video with the right content, a professional corporate video production company, and a small budget. It will fit your company’s specific needs.

Today, we’ll be discussing the six core elements of a successful corporate video. Let go of the negative reputation that corporate videos have for being dull, dry, and shameful. Get out there and set the standard by adding the following elements to your company’s corporate film.

What is a Corporate video?

A corporate video is simply an organizational video. Although corporate videos are most commonly used to promote and raise awareness for a company’s overall brand, they can also serve many different purposes in a business setting.

Videos for safety, training, and instruction of employees
Presentations to investors
Demonstrations of new product or service
Videos of testimonials from clients and customers
Summaries of activity or event summaries
Business event summaries
Live webcasting
Interviews with CEOs
Introductions of potential customers or clients by companies

But why is corporate video important for the business world?

Everybody likes different ways to consume information. While some people love reading text, others prefer visual cues such as those found in videos. Forbes Insight revealed that 59% senior executives prefer watching videos to reading text.
They make excellent marketing strategies. Google can index corporate videos as a marketing strategy. This could increase traffic to your site and convert more people into customers.
Videos are simple to share. Corporate videos can be shared online or by employees through an email account. Customers and employees can easily share them so that they are seen by as many people who want to.

Corporate videos are meant to be entertaining ways to convey otherwise tedious or lengthy information. They can also be used to communicate important messages that may not get the attention of an audience as a speech or presentation. Many companies lack the resources and experience that top corporate video companies have, so they end-up putting that same unpolished experience into their video.

Let’s move on and learn how to avoid embarrassing your company with a bad corporate video. This can prove costly and ineffective.
You can use video to build brand awareness

No matter why you distribute a corporate video message, your company brand must be included in it.

In your video, always include the who-what, where, when and why. Your company’s greatest achievements and jingles should be included in your video.

Everybody who sees the corporate video will recognize your company by its branding.
Give it a purpose

Each corporate video serves a different purpose.

Some are made with the intent of gaining new customers. Others are created to recruit new employees. Some videos aim to sell or promote new services or products. Others are general and want to increase brand awareness among a specific audience.

Consider the purpose of your corporate video and create a plan. You should also define your audience to narrow down the target audience. Every business wants to appeal all customers, but that is unrealistic. Your video should be tailored to suit your target audience.
Appeal to Emotions

This concept has been discussed many times. It should be repeated often because it is so important to making a great video.

Nearly all purchases (and all other decisions) are emotionally driven, even though we like the belief that we are rational. Most corporate videos simply cite facts, figures features and benefits. This may sound like good information but the viewer will probably turn their nose up at something boring and analytic.

Your video should connect you with anyone that you wish to reach, be they potential customers, new employees or employed staff. This will grab attention and encourage them to stay until the end.
Combining powerful audio and visual elements

Harvard Business Review’s research found that people only remember 20% of the things they hear and 30% of the things they see. Amazingly, however, 70% remember both what their hear and what they see.

Video, as a whole, is a multimedia experience that combines the spoken and visual storytelling we all love.

Why not show viewers how something benefits them, rather than explaining it?

Because of the nature of video, this works because it allows you to convey a lot of information quickly to your viewers so they are ready for the next big thing.

Even boring presentations like investor presentations can be spiced up by a company skilled in corporate video editing. Animations, color schemes and background imagery can make a corporate video more engaging and memorable.
Professional Feel

Nobody expects your corporate video to be a blockbuster film release. Many companies make the huge mistake of not hiring a reliable corporate video production agency for help with their video concept.

As with any other marketing strategy, you should invest in corporate videos production. Corporate videos are vital to your company. Being a cheapskate in this area will result in a product that is less effective than the boring old corporate videos.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t need to be a boring corporate video for everyone who sees it. A professionally produced corporate video can really help you turn around your business by increasing leads and conversions and convincing people to join you.