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Why use a Branding Agency for Your Next Project

The first impression is everything. No matter how unique, delicious, or innovative your product may be, packaging must work hard to make it a success in the food and beverage market. The packaging is often the first contact that a customer has to you and your products. It must excite, entice, and engage within a matter of seconds.

A top four UK supermarket began rebranding some of its food and drink products under the names nine made-up farms in 2016. These were an attractive alternative to the well-known brands they used to buy. The packaging made it seem that the farms were real, and that the products were made in Britain. It was a clever branding strategy to increase sales for products manufactured in large factories and shipped from overseas. While we don’t condone such marketing tactics, it shows the power of product packaging in influencing sales.

In-depth research has been done to understand the influences on customer behaviour at checkout. There are many factors that can be controlled, such as mood and hunger. When preparing food branding for the market, it is important to think about elements such as packaging quality, texture, color, and convenience, cooking time, ethical credentials, and cost.
For the right reasons, stand out

To be successful with your product, you must stand out from the rest. Supermarkets now stock upwards of 40,000 more food- and drink products than in the 90s. It’s more than being attractive. Customers must be able to see your product and believe in it.

Take pride in your rosette
Make sure to include the award-winning product in your branding. You don’t have to win any awards yet. Get entering! Get in!
Keep it simple
Customers are often too busy to take the time to compare products. Your design should be bold and confident. You should choose a few words that will make your product more attractive in its category. Highlight ingredients that are currently in trend to attract customers. Your food’s flavour profile should be highlighted in the description. Using words such as citrus, tangy, or zesty, rather than merely ‘lemon flavour’ adds depth and appeal.
Tell us your story
Share your story. Customers should get to know you, your company and what you stand for. This can be displayed on your point of sale: maybe it features a photo of you or your team on the label. To share additional information with customers, use your website and an additional point of sales.
Please share your ratings
Share your glowing reviews about products or the stars you are proud to share. You can do this via your website as well as on social media platforms.

Instead of a collection of products, create an identity

You may initially only bring one product to market. You can ensure your future-proofing of your business by planning ahead. Consider how your branding could be used to promote additional products within the range.

Your logo should be easily recognisable and used consistently on all products. The product ‘family” will be instantly recognisable.
It is better to have a simple palette of colours that compliment each other and stand out from your competitors than a confusing array of colors. Take into account the colour of your food or drink product, particularly if it is in glass or transparent packaging. Also consider how it may contrast with other coloured labels.
So that you can scale up the images and support graphics to different products or points of sale, ensure they are professionally drawn.
Make sure you use a clear font for your label or packaging information. A product description that is difficult to read is not what you want.

Hire a professional

When it comes to product branding, the expression “you get what your pay for” is untrue. While it is possible to have a colleague, friend, or neighbor who uses Adobe InDesign or Illustrator occasionally, do not let that fool you. They could be the ones responsible for your future success with your food or drink products. We have found that consumers want products that are fresh and full of flavour. However, we also know that they will make impulse purchases based on packaging. Professionals can make something professional.