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Writing a Personal Statement

What’s an individual Statement?

The personal statement is the opportunity of yours to show the universities you’re applying to that you’re the perfect candidate for the course of theirs. It must be exactly about you – exactly why you are enthusiastic about the program, what makes you special and what makes you get noticed. With just one personal statement for all the options of yours, it is crucial you make use of this chance to show exactly why you are better compared to everyone else applying and exactly why we must pick you.

But just where do you begin? What would you say? What ought to be your opening sentence? But there are bad and good personal statements, and so read the guide of ours to help you make yours the very best it could be.

Personal statement help – The best way to produce a personal statement

Before writing your personal declaration it is worth doing a little bit of research to discover what your decision universities are searching for and what’ll make you stand out through the competition.

Whilst “personal statement” helps make it seem as it is a biography about you, several of top personal claims we have seen are far more like a mini essay regarding the book. Consider what areas of the topic you love and tell us what you already know about them; we would like to know your ideas about them and exactly why you believe that. Show us your skills, knowledge, and passion by demonstrating the engagement of yours with the topic. Consider just how you are able to back up everything you say and that you are able to critically participate with the subject of yours. In case you got enthusiastic about a program due to an article or maybe book you browse through, or maybe a lecture you went to, inform us about it!

The majority of the statement ought to be about the topic you wish to learn, though we also love to hear a bit about everything you get involved in beyond the studies of yours. We realize that several of our candidates function part time, have carer duties or maybe maybe are engaged in higher level sports activity, drama or music, for instance, and also it is thrilling to find out candidates that are successful with their studies whilst at the same balancing different demands on the time of theirs as there is a great deal to become involved with at Durham. in case you’ve related interests to the course of yours then we would love to learn about those too, for instance if you are applying to an education program and also have been engaged in tutoring other pupils.

There are lots of UCAS information you are able to apply to simply help get you started, including an individual statement imagination chart and worksheet.
Dos and Don’ts

You have simply got 4000 characters, like spaces, to persuade us we must pick you, that make each word count. These do’s and also don’ts could assist you in the process.


Stay focussed & relevant.
Be specific; pick examples and offer proof.
Be persuasive, enthusiastic, and authentic.
Stay away from obvious and generic statements.
Ask someone you believe in for feedback and also suggestions – they may imagine some thing you do not!
Draft your personal statement and then message and paste into Apply.
Check your grammar and spelling and ensure you proofread. Read the own statement of yours out loud or even ask family and friends to examine it for you.
Try out for an unforgettable, strong opening, an engaging center, and come up the primary key points you wish to generate at the end.
Consider what you are thinking and what it really says about you. Sell yourself!


Repeat yourself, and stay away from repeating phrases close together.
Write a chronological heritage – rather consider the structure and what you would like to offer at the beginning.
Waste characters! You simply have 4000 therefore do not include things as lists of the qualifications of yours – we are able to envision those in the qualifications aisle of your program already.
Use’ I’ on a regular basis.
Use cliches Copy. UCAS has software which is going to detect whether the personal statement of yours has been copied from somebody else’s and they will let all of the universities you have applied knowing.
Count on to get it right very first time. You will need several drafts before you are satisfied with it.

Writing a great personal statement don’t have to be frightening in case you remember to be genuine, enthusiastic, and focussed. We would like something which tells people about you and the contribution you are able to make to the neighborhood of ours.
Substitute Personal Statements

It’s not needed to create an extra personal statement, the way we’ve something simply for Durham applicants which enables you to post an alternative personal statement in case the Durham course you are applying to is different to the one with your UCAS personal statement.

For instance, in case you put on to 4 Chemistry classes though additionally you put on to our Natural Sciences program (even like Chemistry, though with some other subject matter too), or maybe you’ve applied to Medicine at 4 other colleges but chose Anthropology as the fifth option of yours with us.

We ask that you:

Try using no far more than 4000 figures (including spaces) to complement the UCAS personal statement length
Make use of plain text – do not use bold, italics, underlining Submit it within 3 times of your software to Durham being acknowledged.
This’s because until we’ve the application of yours from UCAS we will not be in a position to complement the statement (and the device will not allow you to publish this); it is able to take UCAS a short time to process all of the apps they have received.
in case you achieve 3 times with no acknowledgement, you are able to still attempt to publish the particular statement – if it really works next we’ve the software of yours and also the statement would be coordinated to it.
Read the assistance for creating an individual declaration on this web page Use one of the coming browsers when uploading the declaration: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer ten (some owners of Internet Explorer eleven have had troubles uploading the statement) of theirs.