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Advantages Of Connetix Toys

Ask any early childhood teacher and they will tell you (actually let’s face it, they’ll likely launch into an enthusiastic speech!) about the positive effects of play on children’s development. Play is so vital in the growth of children that it’s actually recognised as a fundamental basic human right through the United Nations. There are so many toy choices out there for kids that it is often overwhelming for parents to determine which ones are worth their money and let’s face it, no parent wants to purchase toys just to be able to watch them sit on a shelf or in a basket day in, day out. The great thing of open-ended toys. They aren’t just an occasional or single-use play activity but can be used in a variety of ways, and across various categories of age, with game becoming more complex and complicated as children maturation and age.

If you’re playing with Connetix What are some of the possibilities your child might be learning and developing? Below is a glimpse the best – and I’m sure there are more – of the ways using our open-ended tiles is benefiting your child’s growth (without they even knowing! )…

1. Creativity

It’s a bit clich√© however, the possibilities for creativity are limitless with Connetix – they can be used in a unique way each time they play! While creativity is essential for many jobs of the future, open-ended toys let children create their own unique and creative expressions and discover different feelings and emotions.

2. Imagination

As Albert Einstein once said, ” Imagination is more important than knowing.” What can you create with your Connetix? A castle? Plane? Animal? Dollhouse? Spaceship? Bridge? Robot? It’s the Loch Ness creature? Statue of Liberty? Eiffel Tower? You might be surprised at what they come up with. Add your Connetix to other open-ended play equipment or loose components to extend play even further.

3. Magnetic force

Not only is playing with Connetix an interesting way to study magnetic force, it is also a great way to gain knowledge about the attraction between two magnets of different Poles (north and south). Be aware of their repelling force when you play with putting two opposite magnets.

4. Shapes

Connetix sets could consist of 2D shapes of squares, triangles (equilateral triangles right-angled triangles, isosceles triangles) and rectangles that could be employed as 2D building tiles or 3D shapes through the creation of nets. Children can develop an appreciation of shapes and their properties by engaging in playing, for example, the number of corners and sides they have (and when it comes to 3D forms, how many faces edges, edges and vertices) and for children older than there is no better method to learn about various triangles and their angles. Engaging, hands-on, and fun learning right now!

5. Counting

“How many tiles high can we build our tower before it collapses?” “How many squares are needed to build an equilateral cube?” “Let’s use 4 blue squares and five Red squares.” The possibilities are endless. different ways that counting can occur in the play of children with Connetix pastel mega pack.

6. One-to-one correspondence

This is what I call one-to-one correspondence, which is the ability to connect an object with the number that it is corresponding to. Often you see young children count verbally, without realizing what it is actually referring to, or counting a group of objects, only to add another number or two in. It is a vital ability to master and is a simple one to master by playing.

7. Patterns and symmetry

Use Connetix to design mandalas, patterns, or patterns. It is such a simple way to teach children about patterns and symmetry. It is a good idea to extend older children in the classroom by giving them more intricate patterns that they can follow and make using Connetix (eg. ABBC, ABBC etc) is way more enjoyable than worksheets!

8. Colours

It is not just Connetix an ideal opportunity to play with the colours, but it’s also a fabulous way to learn about transparency, light and make beautiful, coloured reflections. Pop Connetix in front of the window or on a table or even with magnetic colored counters for more colour enjoyment!

9. Weight, Stability and balance

The exploration of weight, stability and balance is a normal part of playing with Connetix. Children learn how tall they can make their tower falls down, research what’s required to construct structures that are stable and experiment with weight and gravity.

10. Teamwork and cooperation

What teacher or parent doesn’t love watching a group of children with open-ended toys work on their own projects? Connetix are the ideal open-ended plaything to keep at school or at home to promote teamwork and cooperation (just remember, these skills result in less arguments!)

11. Problem solution

Learning to solve problems is a challenging skill for children and one that takes time and repetition to acquire. When playing with Connetix kids can play with this idea as they go about creating structures, either by themselves or in a group, working to find the most effective method to build their ideas and plans.

12. Fine and gross motor skills

Did you know that properly developed gross and fine motor skills are prerequisites to efficient handwriting and pencil grip? While working with Connetix youngsters are using these skills to stretch, bend as well as reach, grasp pinch and so much.

13. Perseverance

What better way to build determination than to keep building, creating, working together…and not only that, but to see a tower you’ve been making fall! “Ok Let’s go back and try again!”

14. Engineering and planning

For kids, deciding what to build and the best way to construct it is often an element of engineering and planning, particularly for tricky structures like a bridge or when they’re working with others and combining their ideas. Say hello to your own little Iggy Peck Engineer or architect!

15. Cause and consequence

What is the cause and the effect that occurs when your children create using Connetix? If they build two tiles next to each other will they pull each other or not? When they take two tiles together, will they come apart? If they try to build tiles without support, what will happen? There are so many things to discover as they play!

16. Material properties and aesthetic awareness

While playing with Connetix kids are exploring different materials through their senses, for example. touch (they are able to feel smooth, hard, what is the material like? What’s the strength? How heavy? ) (sight (colours reflections, colours), hearing (do they sound when they join together? When they fall? ).

17. Hand-eye coordination

Connetix’s games can help your child improve their hand-eye coordination while they grab, pick up and manipulate objects in order to create their ideals.

18. Language skills

Play can be a fantastic method for children to improve and enhance their communication abilities. Through play children can not only explore their own speech but also take in the speech of their peers and adults as they absorb the sounds of speech, learning new words and ways to communicate.

19. Concentration

Focusing and concentrate is not easy for all children but building with Connetix is a good approach to build and improve this skill. Concentration can help children concentrate on a specific task and also learn and improve confidence in themselves. That leads me to…

20. Self-esteem

The feeling of satisfaction, pride and joy when they’ve constructed something they’re proud of is an amazing way for children to build their own self-esteem.

Connetix Tiles are a fantastic open-ended plaything to aid in your child’s education and development in a fun, engaging way!