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How To Buy A Cat Scratcher

Every cat needs to scratch at something. It’s part of their genes. “It’s an important element that cats communicate with each other and their surroundings and also engage with each other,” adds Marci of L. Koski Ph.D. A certified cat behavior consultant and trainer and the founder of Feline Behavior Solutions in Vancouver, Washington. Scratching helps keep claws of cats well-maintained, which allows them to capture small animals (or toys) and keep themselves safe. Scratching also helps stretch the back muscles, and makes it a great experience for your furry friend after a good snooze. In the end, your pet will scratch and you should get the most effective scratching post for cats you can locate. If not, you’ll lose your furniture!

However, as you’ve likely discovered that cats are very picky. Also, not all cat scratching spots are created equally. We’ve put together a selection of scratching posts or cat scratch pads, and all the rest to help you pick the ideal one that will meet your cat’s scratching requirements.

Things to think about before buying Cat Scratching Posts, or Cat Scratchers

Before you invest your money in something that your cat doesn’t want for the couch Here are some questions to consider when you search for a cat scratching spot or cat scratcher generally:

What’s your cat currently scratching at? “A majority of people don’t know that your cat is telling you what she’s looking for with a scratcher” Koski says. “If you’re scratching at the sofa’s arm on your floor, you’ll most likely prefer the vertical type of scratcher. If she’s scratching the carpet horizontally, she might prefer an horizontal scratcher.”

What kinds of materials are your cat attracted to? Scratchers are available in a variety of textures. These include carboard, carpet and sisal (a tough, robust fiber that’s often in the form of rope). Always consult your cat for advice. “Some cats scratch wood doorjambs. It’s fine, but it could be that something horizontal and made from wood could be a suitable scratcher for their needs. Some cats like carpet or sisal” She says specifically those who like to scratch at your rug. The majority of cats opt to a cat scratcher made of cardboard. Cats are also known to scratch to leave their footprints and cardboard is a great cat to view their work.

How durable is it? “The problem with the majority scratchers for cats is that they tend to move to the side or even tip-over when cats try to utilize scratching devices,” says Koski. Therefore, you require scratchers that your pet can place their entire weight on, and reach out to stretch, scratch and rub. How do you know if that you’ve found the most effective scratching cat post? Try shaking the top and if it wiggles the way it should, it’s not durable enough. Koski notes. One remedy: “Try to tighten it by using screws at the bottom.” If the scratcher glides effortlessly across the floor when you press it, Koski recommends placing non-skid carpet pad or yoga mat under it.

What size is it? Another error that cat owners make is purchasing scratching posts for their cats or cat scratching pad that’s too small or short for their cat. “I always believe that larger can be better than smaller for cat since cats can extend and reach up fairly a lot,” says Koski. For horizontal scratchers wider is also more beneficial. “Most mature cats are likely to require something that is sturdy which they are able to walk upon,” the expert says.

Do I require multiple scratchers? Koski suggests buying several to place them in your house: 1. The place where your cat prefers to rest. “One one of the very first activities cats do after they get up is stretch out and scratch.” and 2. In addition to the things your cat is already fond of scratch. “[Ifyou notice that your chair is getting badly smashed, place an area for scratching near your chair. invite your cat to scratch” by giving treats or sprinkles of cat nips. (More on this below.)

Have I got more than one pet? Though a pair of cats could share smaller scratchers on cardboard perfectly but a larger one could be the better option when you have more than two cats. “If your home has a huge cats’ tree will surely allow several cats to scratch and use the same structure, and also be more efficient in sharing the space,” Koski says.

Once you’ve got the fundamentals to get the perfect cat scratching post This is a comprehensive overview of the various types and the ones that will suit your pet more.