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How to Choose the Best PCD for Your Trailer Wheels: Expert Advice

The trailer’s axles PCD is a common term when it comes to selecting the finest wheels for your trailer. PCD refers to the diameter of the circle that travels through the centre of each bolt hole on the wheel of your trailer.

The fifth-wheel PCD generally refers to the number and distance between the fasteners on your trailer wheel. PCD is an essential consideration when selecting trailer wheels, as it ensures that the wheel fits securely onto the hub of your trailer.

A few essential considerations must be made to obtain the finest PCD for trailer wheels. Here are some guidelines for selecting the appropriate PCD for your caravan:

Determine the proper PCD measurement – Prior to purchasing trailer wheels, you must determine the PCD measurement of your trailer. This can be accomplished by measuring the distance from the centre of one bolt to the farthest perimeter of the bolt hole, then multiplying this distance by the number of bolts on your trailer wheel. After obtaining this measurement, you can begin searching for trailer wheels with a compatible trailer wheels PCD.

Know your load capacity – It is crucial to be aware of the maximum weight that your caravan can transport. Your trailer’s load capacity will determine the size and style of wheels you need. Generally speaking, the greater the cargo capacity, the larger the wheel size required. Choose a wheel that can support the weight of your trailer without placing undue strain on its suspension and braking system.

Consider the wheel design – Wheels for trailers are available in a variety of designs, ranging from plain steel rims to more intricate alloys. The style you choose will depend on your preferences and the type of caravan you have. If you have a heavy-duty trailer, you might choose steel rims because they are more durable and can manage rough terrain. If you have a horse trailer or a watercraft trailer, you may wish to choose a more fashionable option that complements the appearance of your vehicle.

Consider high-quality materials – The efficacy and durability of the trailer wheel can be significantly affected by the materials used to construct it. Consider aluminium alloys and heavy-duty steel when sourcing rims. These materials can withstand the rigours of the road and will last longer than less expensive, lower-quality alternatives.

Ensure a proper fit – Lastly, ensure that the trailer wheel you select fits precisely onto the hub of your trailer. A wheel that does not fit properly can cause issues with handling, deceleration, and even safety. To guarantee a proper fit, select a wheel with the correct PCD measurement and ensure it has the correct offset and depth to fit snugly onto the hub of your trailer.

Choosing the proper PCD for your trailer’s wheels is crucial for ensuring its safety and performance. By adhering to these guidelines, you will be able to locate the ideal trailer wheel for your vehicle and enjoy miles of trouble-free towing.