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Is The Thule Brand Worth The Money?

Thule Are a Swedish company known for their high-quality components which undergo rigorous testing to ensure superior performance in any condition.

The users love the tool-free design and high quality of the construction, which gives it an extended life.

The Thule range includes a variety of designs of Bike Racks including Towbar, Roof or Boot attachments.
Roof Bike Rack (1 Bike)

Up Ride
Pro Ride
Through Ride

Boot (Up to 4)

ClipOn High

TowBar (Up To 4)

Easy Fold
Velco Compact
Hang On

The Thule Rack that Is the Best?

The Thule Bike Racks are known for their top quality and smart design. Which one is best for you is really down to the one that is the best fit for you.

If you are thinking about what to purchase take into consideration the following options:

Mount Location Location of Mount – Door (Boot), Towbar or Roof
Attachment Point – Form, Frame or Wheel
Budget-friendly – You can invest between PS70 to PS600 on Thule’s selection and you should have an amount you can afford!
Carry capacity How many bikes?
The weight of electric bikes is heavier than standard bicycles, and you could be limited to the model that has the greatest capacity
Boot access – If mounting the bikes on the back of your vehicle Do you want the bikes to move out of the way so that they allow access?

How many bikes could you put on the Roof Rack?

With the Thule roof rack, you will generally only fit one bike. With a rear-mounted carrier, you can transport up to four bikes.

Best Bike Racks to Use for Hatchbacks

The Thule ClipOn and ClipOn High are the best bike racks for Hatchbacks. It is designed to hold two and three bicycles, they come with an easy-to-install system, and your vehicle is secured with rubber fasteners. ClipOn High ClipOn High places the bikes in a higher position, which allows for the visibility of the numbers and rear lights.

How to Install the Thule Bike Rack

Fit and install
Take it off
Thule Roof Racks

Which Styles of Roof Bar are available?


Thule Roof Rack For Businesses or Professionals

What is the correct pronunciation of Thule?

Thule is the pronunciation of “Too-Lee”. Since 1942, the Swedish company has been producing top quality car accessories that are of the highest quality that allow more people to discover and explore the wonderful outdoors.

Are the roof racks of Thule universal?

The various roof racks available are created to work with different cars and Thule offers a variety of accessories to match the proper roof rack for the specific car model.

Although the Thule roof bars can be used in any vehicle, connectors (known by the name feet) that you can use to attach them to your vehicle will be based on the type of roof bar you own.

Can I make use of Thule products even if I don’t have any roof bars in place?

Yes! Thule provide a wide range of accessories that can be fitted to vehicles that do not have a roof racks, making it possible to install their other items to the vehicle.

Do roof racks made of thule scratch paint?

If you’re cautious there’s no reason to believe that the roof rack you install will cause damage to the paintwork. Check that the surface and bars are free of dirt prior to installation.

Do Thule Roof Racks worth the price?


Though they’re on the premium part on the marketplace, this is for a reason. The combination of high-quality materials, well-thought-out layout that needs minimal tools and rigorous testing will ensure that every Thule product is top-quality available.

complaints about less expensive alternatives are readily available on review sites and forums which suffer from:
Rust or material degrading
The software is extremely difficult and difficult to set up and use
Squeaking and rattling when moving
– The luggage may become loose or airborne in severe brakes or in accidents
The impact of high fuel consumption on economy
Loud noise when driving
– Bending under load

The Thule range of products are thoroughly tested in labs as well as actual scenarios before they are launched, meaning that you only need to purchase only once and can be assured that the product will function for a long time.

Thule products will be developed to be secure under all conditions, simple to use and produce as low an impact on fuel economy as is possible.