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Pocket Sprung Mattress Benefits

Pocket-sprung mattresses offer numerous benefits – so does memory foam. So why not put the two? Introducing the pocket sprung mattress made of memory foam.

From the ultimate comfort and support , to long-lasting durability – we explore the best benefits of memory sprung mattresses to assist you in making an important decision.

Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Mattress Benefits

Pocket springs are a brilliant source of support and provide comfort. Contrary to traditional springs, which are interconnected, pocket springs are individually protected by a separate pockets of fabric. This allows each spring to respond individually to your pressure and weight and provide optimal assistance for each part of your body.

Learn about the benefits…

Superior Pressure Relief

Pocket springs as well as foam are known for their pressure relieving qualities. They are able to support all parts of your body, relieving stress from high-pressure zones such as your hips and shoulders. This is the reason this combination is especially popular for Orthopedic Mattresses.

The combination of memory foam that is a cushion and moulds to the shape of your body, offers extra comfortable sleep for the side sleeper.

Reduces Back Pain

A high-quality pocket spring hybrid helps to reduce joint and back pain when you rest. This is thanks to it’s combination of sturdy spring base and a cushioning memory foam top layer to alleviate pains and aches. Consider a mattress made of the highest quality medical grade foam to provide maximum comfort.

Correct Spinal Alignment

Another advantage to the memory foam mattress combo is that it promotes proper anatomical alignment. With a pocket-sprung memory foam mattress your spine will retain its natural curve, regardless of how you sleep.

Cool, cool and breathable sleep

The pocket sprung core is extremely breathable, allowing air to flow more freely than a traditional foam mattress. This creates an hygienic, fresh and comfortable sleeping conditions. It is ideal for helping sleepy hot people get their sleep!

Luxurious Comfort

The luxurious foam layer that surrounds the pocket spring core creates a mattress that is soft to the touch and comfortable to sleep on. Memory foam offers high levels of comfort because it molds to your unique shape to provide comfort and a cushioned sensation.

Visit when in need of a pocket spring coiling machine.

This product supports All Shapes and Sizes

Durable, sturdy pocket springs can support a wide range of shapes and sizes. This is especially helpful for couples with an unusually large size difference because the pocket springs can support them independently from each other.

Find a mattress that has 1000 or more pocket springs. If you require additional support while sleeping make sure you increase the amount of pocket springs you have to count to 2500 or even 3000.

The higher the spring count, the more supportive the mattress will be.

Absorption of Movement

Individual pocket springs combined with the ability to absorb movement are a smart choice if you share the bed with someone who rotates and tosses. The mattress will respond to individual movement, leaving the sleeping partner and you unaffected.

Durable and Long-Lasting

The solid design, with hundreds of pocket springs that are encased in tough foam. It is extremely long-lasting. It is likely that a good pocket spring memory foam mattress that will last for 10 years.

Traditional Feel

This hybrid mattress design allows you to rest on a traditional-feeling mattress whilst taking advantage of the benefits of innovative foam design. It’s the best of both worlds!

Easy Delivery

Almost all products from our Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Mattresses are shipped in a roll. It doesn’t impact your springs’ performance in any way – but it does make it a lot easier to move it into your bedroom. Take it off and watch as the mattress expands right before your eyes.