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Reasons To Buy A Cat Tree

Perching isn’t just reserved for birds. Have you noticed that your cat loves climbing up trees for cats? Let’s take a look at the reasons cats are drawn to an indoor tree with the view!

Indoor cats who do not have access to actual trees have made-up “cat trees” that they like to climb on and enjoy time on. High up on their trees, cats are able to rest or play while watching everything happening.

What is the reason why so many cats love being in the highest spots around your home and looking out over their territory and observing everything below their feet? Do they do it to feel more powerful or is there something more to it?

Cats Use Height to Protect Theirself

Cats that live outdoors may decide to climb trees to to observe the world within their vicinity from a secure location. They can also make use of trees to hunt prey or to escape predators. The indoor cat also has the same instincts.

If you can climb up high on her cat tree, your pet can perch and observe the surroundings. She is also able to escape other cats around the house. Actually, a cat tree can be an effective option to decrease feline fights in your house since it offers them a space for them to go to.

Shy females feel more confident

Cats who are shy could be benefited from an animal tree since they can climb up to inspect their surroundings and be able to observe what’s happening within their surroundings without anxiety.

If your cat tends to hide and is afraid to come out in the open, installing an elevated cat tree or hideaway may provide her the ideal space to feel safe. It is possible that your cat is comfortable being with family while in the cat tree, which means she’ll not be as likely to retreat under your mattress.

More Territories for Your Kitty

Horizontal space is essential for your cat, however an upright cat tree can provide the ideal and practical vertical area. This can enhance her living space and provide her with more space.

If you have multiple cats but they aren’t able to share small spaces, a cat tree could be the perfect solution. A tree that is large and has multiple levels, hideaways, as well as perches can be easily shared with each cat having the space they prefer.

Enhancement for a Happy Feline

Cats are awestruck by cat trees as they’re enjoyment to climb. Adults and kittens alike enjoy the use of their bodies in order to stay in balance and reach for higher places. It’s an excellent exercise.

If you buy a cat tree that has scratching posts included the tree, your cat will be able to scratch at it and won’t be tempted to chase for your furniture. If the tree has hiding places the cat will be happy to benefit from the added space whenever she desires to spend some time in peace.