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Reasons To Choose Packing Boxes Made Of Cardboard

It doesn’t matter if you’re launching a company or adding a new service to your current line of products, it is important to think about how you’ll pack your items to ship. In particular, the type of box you select is vital. A lot of businesses use cardboard boxes but are they the right choice for your requirements?

Before you make an investment, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of using cardboard shipping boxes from various angles. In the next article, we cover some of the main attributes of these containers, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using cardboard.

Before you make a purchase before you purchase, you must think about the advantages and disadvantages of cardboard shipping boxes from a variety of angles.


Shipping cartons need to survive the demands of any shipping methods you are using. How do cardboard stack up?


Cardboard–specifically, corrugated cardboard–has excellent strength.
Cardboard has a good strength-to-weight ratio.
Corrugated cardboard boxes do a great job of protecting the contents of their containers from damage during the shipping process.
Carton cartons made of cardboard can be used again by the recipients.


Not for extremely heavy items. If the wrong carton size or if there is not enough padding cardboard shipping containers may not be suitable for heavy items.
May deform under pressure. Despite its strength, cardboard may be crushed, dented, or otherwise damaged under some circumstances.
The material is not weatherproof. Cardboard is not able to withstand certain weather conditions, such as rain or snow.


Is cardboard cost-effective? This is an important consideration.


Simple storage. Shipping cartons made of cardboard can be stored in flat form and built according to the requirements. This will reduce delivery costs.
Sustainable resource. Cardboard is made from a renewable material, which helps to reduce the environmental costs.
The cardboard containers can be recycled which gives them the chance to live a “second existence.” This could take some of the sting out of it when the carton gets damaged in the packing process and a new one is required.


The need for new boxes is constant. As opposed to recyclable or returnable boxes like shipping containers made of hard plastic, the need for cardboard boxes is ongoing.

Buy in Bulk

A large purchase of cardboard cartons could be useful.


Cost savings. Buying cardboard containers in bulk can save your company money.
Extended storage. So long as the cartons are not contaminated with water they can be kept for extended periods of time.


A down payment. In bulk purchases, you have to pay more upfront for the long-term benefit.
Storage space. To reap the benefits of buying huge quantities of cardboard boxes you’ll require space to keep them.

Sealing Solutions

How will you seal your shipping cartons? You should research your options before you make a purchase.


Many options. Containers made of cardboard are sealed in various ways, such as staples, glue, and tape.
Water-Activated Tape’s top seal. This tape (WAT) provides a sturdy sealed, secure seal on cardboard cartons which are perfect for e-commerce. Because of this, many businesses each year switch to water-activated tape.


Equipment is required. Typically, some type of device is required to seal cardboard packing boxes. It could be a tape gun or water-activated tape dispenser.

Be aware of the possibility of cardboard payments being cancelled

Finally, thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of using cardboard shipping containers will pay off. You can choose the container that’s best for your needs and can go ahead with your shipping operations confident you’ve picked the right one.

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