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Home » St David: The greatest figure in the Welsh Age of Saints

St David: The greatest figure in the Welsh Age of Saints

St David: The best figure in the Welsh Age of Saints.

As we approach St David’s Day, find out more about St David, the founding father of scores of religious communities as well as the sole indigenous – born patron saint of the countries of Ireland and Britain. Here is the low down on our religious commander-in-chief.

He came into this world in the storm.

St David was created in 500, the grandson of Ceredig ap Cunedda, the king of Ceredigion. Legend has it that his mom, St Non, gave birth to him during a fierce storm on a Pembrokeshire cliff top. The spot is marked by the damages of Non’s chapel and a close by holy nicely is believed to have healing powers.

He was a great preacher.

St David became a famous preacher, founding monastic settlements and churches in Southwest England, Brittany, and Wales, including possibly the Abbey at Glastonbury. David reputedly launched a pilgrimage to Jerusalem from that he brought a stone which now rests on an altar in the cathedral of St David, constructed on the website of his classic monastery.

He was a vegetarian (teetotal).

St David as well as his monks lived an austere and simple lifestyle. They plowed the fields manually instead of with oxen and didn’t eat meat or maybe drink beer. St David himself was reputed to have used only water and leeks, and that is probably why the leek became Wales’national sign.
He did miracles.

St David’s most popular miracle occurred as he preached to a big crowd of Llanddewi Brefi. When individuals complained that they could not listen to him, folks in the rear complained the ground he stood on rose to develop a hill. A white dove directed by God settled upon his shoulder.
His legacy will continue to dwell on.

David died on March one, 589, which is St David’s morning. He was placed on the website of St David’s Cathedral, exactly where his shrine throughout the Middle Ages was obviously a favorite site of pilgrimage. His final words to his followers came out of a sermon he preached on the prior Sunday: Be joyful, keep confidence and perform the small elements that you’ve noticed as well as noticed me do”. The maxim Gwnewch y pethau bychain mewn