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The Benefits Of Using Product Videos Over E-Commerce Websites

Are you seeking to go over your competition in online sales? There’s a chance that most marketers miss and this is the introduction of video on products pages and retail listings.

The majority of customers visit websites to shop and if you’re looking to present the benefits of your product directly on the place of purchase, you cannot afford to miss the potential of video on e-commerce.

Here are some facts that you should be aware of:

Over 80% of marketers claim that video has directly boosted their sales.

84% of people claim to have been influenced in their purchasing decisions by a company’s videos.

66% of respondents indicated that they prefer to watch a video clip to know more about a particular product.

Video is a great way to create trust among consumers. 90% of consumers cite authenticity as a factor in selecting their preferred brands. This is particularly applicable to younger generations.
Over 50% of customers would like to watch videos from companies

The primary way that consumers learned about the brand they later purchased from was via video advertisements

It’s not too late to incorporate video into your sales strategy. We’ll demonstrate the many ways to leverage video to turn more internet visitors into buyers. It’s not as difficult as you might think.

Why using video on ecommerce works

To make an informed purchase decision, customers need to be aware of the benefits and advantages that your products offer. The most efficient way to convey the information visually is through videos and pictures. In the average, buyers are expecting to see six product pictures and 3 videos when purchasing an item from a retailer’s site.

Utilizing videos on your site or in your ecommerce listings is the best method to improve your online customer experience. Video clips for product pages facilitate the dissemination of information regarding your business and offer your customers important information right when they purchasing.

Because the shelves on the internet are packed, you only have one second to impress those who visit your site with 94% percent of the first impressions are based on the visual appeal. The addition of videos to your site or ecommerce listing might just make the difference in getting your customers to stay for long enough so they can take a look at the products and services you provide.

How can you integrate video into your e-commerce strategy

Many retail sites provide multiple gallery uploads to each product page that retailers can add content to. The ones that integrate videos in their product listing see the number of visitors per session grow by 340%, while the amount of time spent browsing per shopping session increases by 127 percent.

There are a variety of places where you can use videos to connect with customers on e-commerce platforms. Each platform will have distinct specifications, but there are three main areas where you can upload customized videos.

Store pages

Like your own online store, you are able to manage the content that is displayed on your store’s webpage on online retail sites. Some allow you to have creative control in designing landing pages to promote your personal brands as well as categories, products, and categories.

Every page can be filled with text, videos and photos which tell the story of your brand and showcase your products in the real world.

Product descriptions

One of the most effective methods to communicate the importance to your products, their use as well as your company’s details is to use a video on the product’s listings. It improves traffic, boosts conversions, and improves the overall experience for customers.

If you click on one of the Amazon video, other related videos will be shown too to give an increased exposure for your product. This feature adds a new depth to your products and can aid in the growth of your business.

Retail media

As more and more customers buy online, businesses need to capitalize on the online shelf to make up for the lack of brand interaction in stores, such as display placement, shelf layout and even point of sale advertisements.

The retail media industry is solution for companies that want to increase their presence on online stores and marketplaces. Retail media is the term used to describe advertisements on retailer websites and apps, typically by companies that sell their merchandise through retail websites like Amazon, eBay, Criteo and many more.

Retail media gives brands the opportunity to utilize display and native ads in a similar way to the endcaps and features in physical stores to boost their visibility and benefit of the shelf that is digital.

Based on the place that consumers are on where they are in their buying journeys, businesses may advertise on the page that describes the product as well as the homepage, the website search, or category page. This allows businesses to place their products in front of consumers right at the point of purchase as well as incentives to convert.

The many kinds of product-related videos you require

There are numerous ways you can showcase the benefits of your product. It is suggested to make several videos to attract your customers.

Customers at various stages of the buying process require different kinds of information that can help them make a decision. Video allows you to communicate the advantages of your product quicker and more appealing way, often by removing cultural or language barriers.

Product Hero

Videos that highlight certain characteristics and specifics of your product can highlight aspects that the audience might not be able to comprehend through images alone.

A close-up video that shows your product from all angles helps to ease any doubts customers might be having about the product they’re buying is like.

Item in situation

Videos that show a particular product being used helps to reveal to the viewer the product’s intended use and also demonstrates the way it fits to the lifestyle of a potential buyer and can complement other products within the line. In-situ video is an excellent method to convey the advantages and to provide context for the location, method the product can be utilized by your target audience.

Tutorial or demonstration

Demo videos are an effective method to communicate specific information and functions of your product in a way that is easy to understand. Making it easier for your customers to comprehend the advantages of your product could increase sales per customer by 17 percent. The sharing of tutorials and best use-cases are vital for those who may require more convincing to convince them that your product will meet their requirements.

Lifestyle placement

Create a product that is relevant to your market’s needs by making lifestyle videos which feature people and locations that they are familiar with, as well as your brand. Video offers the perfect opportunity for brands to record an experience or emotion that customers associate to their products. Real users using your product can make your brand appear as more authentic and reliable by your specific audience.

Stop motion

This kind of video can be a fun and enjoyable method of getting imaginative with the product you are selling. It is made using a collection of images and stringing them into an animation, which makes the items appear as if they’re floating around by themselves!

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Customer reviews

Make it clear to your customers the real-life users who benefit from and use your product when you create review videos featuring satisfied customers. These videos function as social proof, and also show how you can solve their particular issue.

Make sure to promote your videos.

After you’ve created excellent videos that showcase your product it’s easy to share and promote the videos on every channels that you keep an account on. E-commerce videos are great for retargeting visitors to your site with advertisements and also engaging social media audiences!

Short format videos are extremely effective in performing advertising as well as organic social. The top six platforms where people stream videos are social networks.

Making the most of your content by promoting it cross-promotionally is an excellent way to maximize exposure and increase your reach.

In an overview

In the digitally crowded shelves it is essential to entice customers with engaging images that will aid in the purchase decision. A lot of brands don’t make use of all the visual interfaces that are available on retail and ecommerce websites like gallery uploads, which is the best place to showcase video. Customers expect to see a range of videos on every product page and those who do not utilize this feature could not be able to make the most of sales.

Videos are the best and most effective method to connect with buyers at every stage of the buying process. Visually communicating information is the most effective method to make prospective buyers aware of the purpose and form of your product, and also be confident enough to buy.

Making branded videos that convey the most important information through demonstrations of products and lifestyle cases will increase visibility for products and allow products to make an impact in the market.