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The Best Trailer Security Tips

We used to transport our goods via horses. However, today’s transportation is different. steel trailers are now an effective tool for transport of goods due to the cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

The trailer, however, has an issue because it does not connect permanently to any vehicle. Therefore, if we don’t watch it, there is a chance that thieves will steal it off. It is a fact that steel is offered for sale with a expensive price.

Don’t worry! With a bit of knowledge and some practice, you’ll be able to tackle this issue. In this article I’ll show you how to protect your trailer against theft so that you are prepared when the actual problem occurs. In essence it’s three major parts of trailer security:

Techniques to steal
Tips and tricks

A Few Common Theft Techniques

Stealing without preparation

This kind of theft is not uncommon among thieves with no experience. They’re usually lazy and spend their money recklessly, which leads to run out of cash and requiring money through any method.

The most frequent targets are trailers that are parked in deserts, without a watch on areas like parking areas stop-offs, empty lots on quiet days such as weekends or evenings. These trailers are tiny and have poor security.

They usually connect your trailers onto their vehicle and then move on. It’s the same process however, with a few advanced thieves they’ll be looking for cameras, as well as objects loaded on the trailers.

Stealing is a part of preparation

With the advancement of technology and science, the techniques used by criminals are getting more clever and sophisticated. In contrast to the preceding kind, criminals usually focus on trailers with more valuable items on them. Particularly, they usually collaborate in groups and are able to plan their attacks.

They could plan to deceive the proprietor through a phone call to obtain personal data and then pretending to be the customer and requesting trackers or other devices, etc. The most common scenario is at times when the store is about closing or has a lot of customers as they are times when there is very little or no supervision.

Technology-based methods for stealing

This kind of crime is usually well-known because they plot and carry out the crime at a distance. The more sophisticated the scheme is, the more valuable its person who is targeted is.

They can either put remote monitoring devices, or directly over your trailers or cargo itself, using medium to create scams that appear more convincing by using various methods of fraud, stealing personal data, or even interfere with GPS systems. Criminals use various kinds of fake information to fool the owner or the carrier.

1. Locks for the hitch or air cuff locks

A high-quality lock with strong shackles is the answer. We suggest investing in the combination lock as normal locks can be stolen by professional criminals. The only thing you have to do is to secure the coupler as well as the box (if you have one). You should however, only employ this method for smaller trailers.

2. Tongue Lock

This tool is useful to use when you are removing the hook and are planning to transfer the trailer to a different place to observe. If it is connected to the trailer’s coupler, it blocks other vehicles from securing. It’s secured by using a padlock like the one previously mentioned. Make sure to secure the couplers of your vehicle too.

3. Locking wheel chocks on wheels

I believe this is a very secure product for both big vehicles as well as trailers. It clamps onto your wheel and locks using the combination padlock. But, it could be difficult to locate and may costs a bit more. If you don’t plan to use the trailer for long periods of time or don’t have the time to maintain a close eye on them, this might be the most effective way to ensure that the trailer you choose is well-valued.

4. Spare tire lock

In the event that you are the owner of a vehicle or even a boat, this product will not be a problem for you. This is a lifesaving method to secure a trailer when you want to use the trailer as soon as possible however you are not able to buy the keys before. Like the previous method, this is an interim solution for basic automobiles.

5. Spray paint with fluorescent light

This can be a method to deter thieves from walking by your trailer since it can be easily discovered and hard to cover. There are numerous ways to create a unique appearance by painting the image, your favourite word such as your name, logo or even an application of paint in the color you like best. This method, however, can only be used for psychological reasons, and is it is not effective against the stubborn thieves.

6. GPS (global positioning system) tracking devices

For large trailers , which typically transport goods of high value it is an essential procedure in a crisis. It’s also beneficial for those who are forgetful since it is able to find your trailer in just only a couple of clicks. But, this method of security for your trailer might not assist you in catching the burglar however, the next method can.

7. Alarms

It’s like a light for your car. The sensors will notify you the moment that any movement is made on the trailer through honking. Additionally, certain alarms may signal the moment someone attempts to open or move your trailers. When you are shopping for alarms, ensure that they have LED lights to alert people they are secure.

Usually when an impact is detected the horn emits the sound and flash LED lights, scaring away the criminal and drawing the attention of others who is. If you’re lucky you will be reported to police and catch the criminal.

Tips and Tricks to become an expert

Take the trailers out of the way and place them in an area that has good visibility and lighting. If you can, park your trailer in an area which is not crowded or with any access points.

Learn the basic details regarding the trailer, like your serial number cost and the manufacturer. Although it may seem redundant, it’s beneficial in case of an issue.

If you have a trailer that can be detachable, take off the ball mount if you will not plan to use it for long periods of time. It does not just protect the coupler from the environmental effects and also creates more difficult for small thieves.

Increase the strength of the alarm system as well as the positioning system not just for security, but also to stop the loss of personal data.
Make sure your tools are at a safe location and take them with you when you take your trailer outdoors. Even if you only park your trailer for only a short duration, it’s essential to secure it.

Inform the police immediately you observe an incident or suspicious behavior instead of dealing with it on your own if the trailers have items.
You should have insurance in place for your trailers to ensure you are able to bargain to get a certain amount of damages in the event that the worst occurs.
When purchasing secondhand trailers ensure that you document the purchase contract so that you don’t have to pay back the trailer that was stolen.


There are numerous options to protect your trailer from theft starting with low security and ending with high security. My suggestion is to base on the dimensions and worth for determining the best method to secure your trailer. Utilizing a combination of tools will improve the security of your trailer, which will help to decrease the attention of burglars and help make sure your trailer is secure.