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What accessories do you need for a caravan?

If you are looking for the perfect caravan parts & spares for your new tourer, don’t be surprised by the sheer number of options available.
No matter whether you’re shopping for essential security items or extras for caravan comfort and style, everything from tableware that is lightweight to toilet chemicals to awnings can be merged into a maze of confusion.

There is a simple way to navigate the maze. You can divide accessories into 2 sections: essentials you don’t want to leave home without, and things that might catch your attention later on and help your caravanning life.

We’ll show you what to budget for and how much each item will cost.

Fresh water containers

You can choose a simple, small white water container that is easy to transport to and from the tap. There are many other options, however, so we advise you to take a closer look at these.

They are more expensive that small white containers. However, they don’t require you to carry water.

These cylinders are equipped with two tyres to wrap around the edge. They can be pulled along by pulling a handle that clips onto the top and bottom.

Aquaroll is the original water carrier. Similar to how Sellotape infiltrated our culture, Aquaroll has become an ingrained brand in caravan circles. Aquaroll, which was first introduced 50 years back, hasn’t yet monopolized this market.

Aquarolls can be purchased in both 29-litre (or 40-litre) sizes. They are available in metallic silver (smart but bright) and beige. Fiamma manufactures a 40-litre wheeled container for water of a different design. The wheels are on top; an integral handle is at its base.

Royal, a caravan accessory manufacturer, makes an Aquarius roll-top water tank in a design similar to Aquarolls. It is brightly blue. Kampa, a manufacturer of awnings, also makes a pale gray 40-litre can.
You can recycle your waste water containers

There is a choice between the items you need to transport to the site’s wastewater emptying point and those that can be pulled along on wheels.

Royal’s 40L Waste Warrior in bright green is available. It is able to roll on two wheels at its bottom and has a handle up the top. Royal also makes a black basic waste water tank with a carry handle. It holds about ten litres.

Aquaroll’s 36-litre Waste Master is a 38-liter container. You have the option of choosing from metallic silver or beige like the fresh waster container.

Kampa also makes a wheels-based waste water container. It’s built with chunky wheels at its base and holds 40 litres.

Leisure batteries

You will need to purchase a battery, unless your caravan was designed to connect to mains power. The leisure battery is a type of caravan battery. They can run 75 to 110 amp-hour, and costs between £50 (for 75Ah) or £90 (for 110Ah). It is worth shopping around for the best prices, especially when it comes to batteries.
Caravan steps

All new caravans come standard with a stable, large-sized step. Sometimes, a used caravan doesn’t come with a step. You can find a surprising variety of options if you are looking to buy one.

There are many options for folding steel steps. There are also metal steps you can’t fold.

A caravan step will set you back anywhere between £7 and £87. This is for a Fiamma foldable aluminium one. The basic cost-effective options have nothing to do with it.
Towing mirrors

The law says that drivers must be capable of seeing for at least 20 meters from the rear and for four metres on either side. Mirrors that attach to your car’s door mirrors extend the range of vision across the caravan’s sides.

There are many types and styles to choose from. There are two main factors to consider when choosing the right style. It is important to choose a mirror that fits perfectly on your car’s front and back mirrors. Also, choose mirrors that you can afford and are not too expensive. You should keep in mind that generally speaking, the more expensive mirrors will give you better results. There will also be less vibration, which could distort your image.

Mirrors are available for as low as £10 and can be purchased for around £30. Similar to batteries, the best advice is to shop around. The most important thing is to try before you buy. Caravan accessory shops will often let you know if the mirror you’re interested in fits properly on your car mirrors before purchasing.

Why do you need mirrors?
Extension mirrors are mandatory for caravans with a width greater than that of your car. This will ensure that you don’t leave your home without it. It’ll cost you three driving licence points each and could result in a fine up to £1000.
Number plate

A legal requirement is that you buy an additional car numberplate to put on the back your caravan while you’re on the roads.

These are sold by Halfords and caravan accessory shops. You can also get them at car dealerships. If you want to obtain a numberplate for your vehicle, be prepared to present the ownership document of your car.
Corner steady winding hand

It’s one the most inexpensive items on your list and also one the most important. A step is not necessary to enter a caravan. However, a single-axle caravan requires you to wind down the corner steadyes. If you do this, the caravan’s rear will tilt towards the ground. A decent corner steady winding handle costs about £10
Toilet chemicals

Chemical toilets can be a fantastic invention. They are simple to empty and maintain, and you can add a wide variety of chemicals to the top and waste tanks. To stop odours, waste tank chemicals can be used to clean the top tank. Top tank additives have a slightly sweet scent that helps keep the toilet working efficiently.
Caravan mains cable

All new caravans are equipped with mains-powered cables. Most caravans have a length of 25m. If you’re looking to buy a used caravan for your sale, there may be an original mains line with it.
Caravan gas cylinders

There are two types that caravanners use: propane, and butane. Propane is sold in red cylinders; butane, in blue.

You should choose propane if you are planning to use your caravan during frosty weather. Propane will not vaporize at sub-zero temperatures.

Calor propane gas is available as a variety of sizes. 6kg is most popular, while 3.9kg and 13kg are also available.

The cost arrangement works like this: To buy your first Cylinder, you will need to pay £29.99 plus the gas. Refill Agreement charges cost £29.99. Calor will supply your next full cylinder in exchange for your empty. You simply pay for its contents.

Replacing a 3.99kg cylinder will set you back £15.49.

Butane comes as a 4.5kg (£15.99), 7kg(£21.49) or 15kg (1£32.99). There are many other gas-cylinder companies on the markets, but Calor is what most caravanners choose.

Choose which size
Caravanners tend to choose 7kg or 6kg propane.

Calor Lite
Calor and BP now offer lighter-weight cylinders.

Calor Lite weighs 4.5kg empty. The empty BP lightweight 5kg cylinder weights 3.7kg. The Calor 6kg Calor Cylinder weighs 9kg empty. This makes it a great deal, not only in terms the weight of your caravan contents, but also because you will be able to easily transport your gas bottles.

Calor uses a stronger strength steel for Calor Lite cylinders. The result is thinner cylinder walls, and the cylinder lighter.

BP Gas Light
BP also produces gas cylinders lighter than standard. These cylinders can be called BP Gas Light. Their weight is about half that of a standard steel cylinder. These cylinders, made from fibreglass, are semi-translucent. You can see how much of each cylinder you have left.

The downside of BP cylinders? They aren’t sold at campsites or caravan dealers. However, they are available at Homebase stores. There are 300 of them, so it is easy to locate one. The advantage is that the gas level can be clearly seen. They come in both 10kg and 5-kg sizes.