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What Is Pop Mart?

Popular and enjoying lots of popularity in recent years POP MART figurines are collectibles featuring a variety of lineups of characters with unique and intricate designs such as the acclaimed Dimoo Skullpanda collection. A way to allow fans to display their passion in a way that is free and have fun, and also enjoy the thrill of the unboxing of blind boxes. Singaplex will gain an knowledge of the POP MART trend in figures by speaking to Singaporean fan, Jennifer.

A common trend in Singaporeans of all different

With POP MART store openings for figures across Singapore crowds of Singaporeans have come to these shops and are waiting for new releases. The store is able to serve a large crowd, regardless of age or preferences There’s a huge buzz and excitement over POP MART figurines and collectibles which are sold in mysterious blind boxes. From shops for retail to roboshops that act as vending machine, collecting and buying POP figures is an increasingly popular trend for all Singaporeans and is a result of the wide assortment of figures available for purchase and collecting.

The rabbit hole is a perfect place to fall.

For Jennifer who is Jennifer, a Singaporean POP MART collector I spoke with the other day, her friend made her purchase some of these figures. The design was the reason she was attracted immediately, and the whole thing went off the rails from there. After falling into the deep end in the pursuit of POP MART figurines was a bit addictive to buy blind boxes and then open them up to see what figurine she picked.

“The excitement will continue to keep the interest going”

The things that keep her enthusiasm for collecting POP MART characters and figurines Jennifer speaks about the joy of opening the mysterious boxes that they arrive in , and how rewarding it is when she discovers a design that she likes the most and would like to get the best value from the collection.

“The excitement of you open Pop Mart blind boxes and finding the one I love the most is why I continue buying and keeping them.”

“Leaving things to fate”

Looking at how the POP MART’s lineups of figures are aesthetically pleasing overall with quote-on-quote “no poor draws”, Jennifer brings up an idea that when all the designs are beautiful in the lineup, but you aren’t sure which one you should purchase The blind box system can be an advantage to determine what design you are likely to buy.

Favourite lineup

Of all the figures Jennifer collects, she says that her most loved collection was that of the Nanci lineup. She has collected almost all of the Nanci figurines, with the exception of the most recent ones, she has a an affinity for collectibles with pastel shades, lively themes, and intricate designs.

We hope to see more collaborations in the near future.

What Jennifer wants to see in the future pop-mart collection She has her eyes for collaborations with various anime shows

“YES I’m sure should there be an anime collab with POP MART figurines or something similar I’ll certainly get it!”

The trend is set for to last… as of now.

With a large population The reason pop mart figurines well-known is the diverse variety of styles are. Anyone from Singaporean will appreciate the various collections available. Trends that are set to endure and remain relevant in the current times, due to the sheer number of designs available to choose from. Pop Mart Figure collectors have the benefit of a community of collectors with the same enthusiasm and passion for these boxes.

Tips for the POP MART Resale market

For Singaporeans who want to sell or trade in their POPMART Molly collectibles, there’s a community that cater to collectors on Carousell, Telegram, Facebook and even Discord. If you are looking to sell POP MART figures, Jennifer shares that the foremost thing to keep on your mind is the fact that the item is worthless once the box, packaging and foil are opened or damaged.

Although POP MART figurines are still popular today and there are a lot of Singaporean collectors who share an interest in collecting the figurines, there’s no way to know how long the current trend of craze, excitement and hype will last. Whatever the case, just like every other collector you will find a community of dedicated individuals who will continue to promote the joy and excitement in the POP MART collectibles.