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What to write in Christmas cards

Christmas is a fun season in and of itself. Families gather together and try to not to get into arguments. This is the time when we present gifts of kindness and not only to accept gifts. It’s also when people recognize Jesus Christ’s birth. Jesus Christ. Pantomimes are filled with festive cheer. Our hearts are filled with soppy films that convey the messages of faith and redemption. The Queen of England extends a hand of appreciation to those living in Britain…

Christmas is marked by an atmosphere of laughter which is something that should be encouraged particularly after the snuff of Snowballs. However, sometimes, particularly following Dad’s worst christmas cracker gag, we’re almost in awe. To ensure you don’t get bored of words for this holiday season We’ve put together an idea of what to put on Christmas cards – take a look!

Sending Christmas greetings – Why do we do it?

It’s been around for quite a distance, all the way from 1534 actually. Nearly 500 years ago, the first recorded usage of the phrase ‘Merry christmas” was written in an yuletide message. In 1611, James I of England sent an ‘Christmas card’ that was more like an ornamental manuscript, which included an image of a rose as well as four poems and a song much higher than the typical xmas card we currently send!

The tradition to send Christmas greeting cards in the way we use them to be today, was introduced by the UK in 1843 by Sir Henry Cole. He was a Government worker who was instrumental in establishing the new Public Record Office or Post Office’ as it is called in the present. He wanted the vehicles to be accessible to all people , regardless of their financial status or social standing He teamed up with his friend and artist John Horsley. They came up with a card, that was sold for one shilling , which is approximately 5p in modern dollars. The card was three-panelled and featured the image of people helping those in need on each side and the family enjoying an elaborate Christmas meal at the center. The advertising for Christmas cards was boring back then the slogan of advertising of:

“Just released”, a Christmas Greetings Card or picture that represents the essence of the old English celebrations to preserve good memories of dear friends”!

What should be written in Christmas cards?

It’s not easy to resist the lure of a simple, happy ‘Merry christmas’, however, going more by expressing your Christmas spirit can be a great way to make someone feel the joy of Christmas.

“Merry Christmas! I wish you all the joy the holiday can bring!”
“May your holiday season be filled with happiness and joy.”
“I hope that the joy that is Christmas fills each inch of your home and heart with joy today and forever.”
“Our family is sending you love, joy as well as peace … Today and tomorrow, and forever.”
“May your family enjoy an unforgettable holiday season filled with wonderful delights, surprises, and endless laughter.”
“Merry Christmas! I wish you all the best during the Christmas season!”
“Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!” bright and happy!”
“We hope that you enjoy peace and security during the Christmas season.”
“I wish that your season of Christmas is filled with peace joy, happiness, and peace.”
“Happy Holidays! I wish you all the best! wishes for Christmas will come true.”

What should be included in Christmas cards for your relatives

Looking for rude Christmas cards? Check out Obscenity Cards website.

Here are a few of the best messages for family members. From messages from siblings to notes to write for Mum or Dad. be sure to personalize each message for every family member.

There is no way to pick your family members However, even if I were able to, I’d prefer you. Happy Christmas! I am looking forward to spending time with you this holiday season.
Being surrounded by parents who love you is the greatest Christmas present you could ever receive.
We are so happy to be family…and we are so thankful for all the wonderful memories we make during the Christmas season.
There’s bound to be a lot of joy this year! I’m excited to cook to a blaze and enjoy a feast like there’s no tomorrow!
Your kindness and support throughout the past year has been a blessing to me. Thank you for helping me understand the true value of family. Happy Christmas!
I’m extremely grateful to be blessed with an amazing family that I am able to share this holiday with!
I have a special place inside my heart to my loved ones. It is the best gift of all. Let’s smash it this Christmas!
This season I’m grateful to have a family that is like yours.
I can’t imagine anything better on Christmas than to be with my family that I cherish.
Family is the essence of Christmas. We are so grateful to you!
Merry Christmas, Bro/Sis! Thank you for causing me to be annoyed throughout my entire life.
Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. To my beloved brother/sister. I hope this card brightens your Christmas season!
For My Sister and Brother, For My Sister and Brother, a Merry Christmas. As kids, we celebrated each Christmas with you. I am beyond happy to share the holiday with you once again this year.
To My Amazing Brother/Super Sister I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Merry New Year. I hope this season brings all the things you’ve always wanted
I hope that you’ve brought lots of alcohol with you this Christmas. We’ve had Mum & Dad to deal with
I’m hoping Father Christmas is good to you this year even if you don’t get on the good list once again. The more favored brother is always treated with the most respect.
You’ve seen me in good bad, as well as between. You’ve been with me for the entire time. Maybe it’s because we’re close and you’re not able to choose. Still, I am grateful for it. Happy Holidays, bro/sis!
Brothers and Sisters, we’re certainly siblings. Anyone can tell that we’re both creme of the creme.
Hope you’ve been working hard on the smelly feet. I’d wish to see Santa to leave you behind because he’s not able to take the stink! Happy Christmas!
You’re great..because you’re SO MUCH LIKE ME!! Happy Christmas!
To My Sister/Brother, nobody can replace you. Believe me, I’d not stop washing you all day long. Happy Christmas!
Happy All the Best for Christmas! Wonderful Parents
My dear Mama & Dad, I wish you the best and most joyous Christmas! Happy Christmas!
Dear Parents I would like to wish you and your family a joyful Christmas and the Christmas season. I wish you a wonderful holiday day as well as the rest that you live to your maximum. I love you.
I always think of you Mom and Dad, particularly during the holiday season. I wish you the most wonderful Christmas you have ever had. You deserve it.
When I think of Christmas, I am reminded that the most valuable gift is two of my parents. Enjoy a wonderful Christmas!
I’m sure I’ve had my moments of being a mess but thank you for the wonderful Christmases I received as a young child. Thank you for the wonderful Christmas!
I am very grateful for the Christmas’s you’ve given me. I’m sure I can be as good as you have done for your children.
I’m amazed that I’m blessed to be a part of your family. Enjoy your Christmas!
Finally, I get to spend Christmas with my most wonderful parents ever! We’ll have a blast together just like we do every year. We wish you a Merry Christmas.
Dad, are your ready for a major surprise? No? It’s time to change this! I can assure you to make this the most wonderful Christmas you’ve ever had. Make sure you are prepared for everything!
Have you ever thought about Christmas back when you were a kid? It was amazing. I would love to go back!

What should you write on funny Christmas cards?

What’s the best way to describe the child who doesn’t believe in Santa? A rebel without the gift of Claus.
* What made Santa’s helper visit the doctor? Because the doctor had low “elf” confidence!
Who is hiding in the baker’s at Christmas? Mince Snoop.
What is an unpopular reindeer? RUDEolph.
* What is an elf who sings with sideburns? Elfis.
* Why do you not look up to Santa on the hospital grounds? Because he’s got private Elf care!
* What happened to make Scrooge take the victory in the football game? Santa’s ghost has was gone!
* Who is hiding in the Christmas bakery? A mince snoop!
* What is Christmas dinner going to be different following Brexit? There is no Brussels!
* Who gives gifts to cats? Santa Paws!

What can you write in rude Christmas cards?

If you’re looking for insulting Christmas card messages here are seven of the most offensive. We would like to advise you to only send these cards to those with an innate sense of humor.

Happy Christmas you C**T/T**T/SH*TFACE/D*CKHEAD
I hope that you have a f*ck all through the Christmas season because you’re not worth anything good
It’s not possible to use Christmas as an excuse to justify the weight gain you’ve been experiencing because you’re already an obese ****
Sorry for your present I spent my entire money on drinks
Santa is a time of year, exactly like you.
I am so angry I’m sorry, I just got you a fucking ticket because you always send me one
Ho Ho Ho, but enough about what you’re doing…