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Why Kids Enjoy Playing With Glitter

Art that sparkles that soothes children? And develops skills? Yes! Blowing activities help to calm the brain breaks for children and they aid in the development of eye muscles and concentration.

This is a fun craft that kids will love! It is possible to use glitter art at anytime of the year.

As an occupational therapist, it is my favorite time to employ this during the holiday season… when children are enthusiastic.

It can help kids to be excited about a birthday party or celebration. It can also help during upcoming breaks from school! It’s a fun art activity to use in the classroom. It can also be a great craft activity at your home.

If you are a frequent user of breaks for your brain this one will help in calming and organising for your brain and nervous system.

The kids are always focused and quiet during this art project! It helps to develop focus skills.

As a bonus it requires a stable shoulder and can help strengthen eye muscles. Why not develop muscles to perform daily tasks, while creating a fun craft? !

How does this Glitter Art Project Help Kids Relax Improve Concentration, Strengthen Eye and shoulder Muscles? !

The mouth is an important source of coordination to our brains. Proven Oral Sensory Activity provides the details of this along with other oral sensory exercises.

A specific mouthful can help to calm and organize children. If you combine deep breathing with itto it, it’s even more soothing!

Activities like blowing and sucking assist the eye muscles in working together to concentrate. Fun (and odd) fact!

The straw needs more effort by the mouth. Additionally, it provides the eyes a clearer vision target.

The shoulder muscles help stabilize the hand, allowing it to hold the straw with a stable position. Then, it’s gradually moved around in order to blow the glitter on the glue.

Focusing the eye muscles together can help them focus better for academic tasks. Eye muscles have to cooperate when looking around the room, reading, or looking close to far (and close to far,) etc.

Get Ready in advance for Glitter Art Project for Kids

There are a myriad of glittery craft ideas but this is one I like the best. It combines a relaxing technique that stimulates the senses and a technique for building muscle!

An excellent occupational therapy activity for children!

As you prepare for this task… you’ll also need to consider the cleanup!

Find a suitable spot at a table, preferably on an even, hard surface. (Avoid carpet if you can.) It is also possible to have kids sprawled across the floor and have their own big scrap of paper. Floor games are excellent to improve the core stability of children.

Make use of any of these to put underneath your project for quick cleanup:

Table cover made of plastic
Smooth paper (as as big as you can)
Large tray
Felt (the glitter will adhere to it)

When you’re dealing with large amounts of paper, or plastic tablecloths, you can save the wholesale glitter to reuse it as often as you can. If this isn’t feasible it is possible to use an lint roller or Microfiber fabric that is disposable.

Make sure to follow up with a moist cloth if necessary.

How to Use a Straw as well as Glue to make Glitter Art

This glitter art activity is suitable for preschoolers as well as children in school.

Print images of the seasons for children to outline using glue. Making an outline with glue is a fantastic exercise in visual motor integration! Children can draw and make their own designs using glue.

Always keep additional tissues and straws nearby (in the event that any of them become soaked by saliva!)

To create an art-glitter project

Begin by having your kids apply the glue to the paper in order to sketch a design.

Then, they pour the glitter in a thin line beneath the outline of glue.

Then you can use the straw to blow gently the glitter, allowing it to cover the glue.

My daughter says that every time she goes to the store It’s “so satisfying” watching the glitter fly around and completely cover the glue.

The kids should be taught to blow their straws with control. They should also ensure that you keep their straw in place and away from the paper or glue.

Turn the tray or paper according to the need, covering the glue with glitter. It’s best to let the project dry. After drying, you can clean off any glitter and then clean it up.

If an immediate clean-up is needed, ensure to ensure that glittered glue won’t drip as you move the art work.