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Wooden Model Kits

We’ve an assortment of Wooden Model systems for various abilities and interests. Our selection includes planes, vehicles, buildings, and ships (both large and small). You will find plenty to select from.

The Balsa Airplane Kits.

You will find an assortment of Balsa Airplane kits at Guillow’s. These range from easy 3 piece gliders to big complicated wooden models for adults (where you will be fixing each strut in position, attaching a “skin” with the body made of tissue paper and lastly painting your finished airplane). Equipment necessary for building balsa airplanes are hobby knives and documents, wood/balsa glue, energy proof dope (a heavy glue utilized to seal the tissue paper on the completed body and give strength), and naturally paints.ifferent ability levels and interests. Our selection includes planes, vehicles, buildings, and ships (both large and small). You will find plenty to select from.

Matchitecture is an all-in-one Canadian made cork kits.

Matchitecture is a type of all-in-one wooden kits that you build 3D structures along with vehicles. The package comes with instructions, glue, wood microbeams, along with an unique cutter. These kits include cutting the strips on the size shown in the directions and fixing the pieces together appropriately. Vehicles, famous structures, and bridges are contained in several of the designs. If you desire to make your own personal design, we additionally sell refill kits.

The wooden ship is complicated.

Wooden ships would be the most rewarding of all of the cork kits to build. The weekend and full construct varieties of wooden ships are usually the 2 kit varieties. Weekend ships just require the decks, masts and also rigging to complete the model. The wooden ship building is brand new to these. Full construct kits can also be readily available for expert and advanced level builders. Every aspect of the ship was expected to be assembled in these kits. Some kits are able to take months or weeks to complete so that they make for an excellent extended project!

There are some tools that you are going to need to finish these kits, no matter which ship type you pick. A great sharp hobby knife, a hammer, pliers, tweezers, along with wood/carpenters glue are a necessity. A number of sand paper is going to be extremely helpful, in addition to a hands totally free magnifying glass. Lastly, one surprisingly valuable device is CA (Cyanoacrylate) glue. When rigging wooden ships, this extremely fast drying glue is helpful. Simply dip the conclusion of the rope into the adhesive to create a ridged “needle” which may be pulled throughout the connectors with relative ease and then cut off of the conclusion when you are done!