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Home » 12th July 2022 The Best Baccarat Side Bets To Place

12th July 2022 The Best Baccarat Side Bets To Place

One of the main reasons บาคาร่าเว็บไหนดี appeals to gamblers who are experienced is the possibility of a variety of betting options. For a time traditional games were limited to three choices, however with Unibet’s live casino, it is possible to play many more options, so let us guide you through the options.


We’ve mentioned that this is a little most likely scenario and simply involves betting on the banker to be in the upper position at the end of the round.


In contrast, before the game starts, this option requires us to place bets on the player who will be the one with the best odds.


A tie can happen in Baccarat but odds of the possibility of this happening are 8/1. A payout at those figures would be great, but this scenario is definitely less likely and serious Baccarat players will steer clear of it.

These are the three most popular bets taken care of but by playing our live casino there are many more possibilities to choose from.

Player Pair

The betting on this option involves placing your bet on the player that has two identical cards. Anything from two Aces, two Kings and everything between will pay out if you take this bet.

Banker Pair

It’s easy to guess: This is the same wager as the one above, however this time, we’re betting on a banker receiving two identical cards.

Either Pair

It is a Either Pair bet is tied to the first set of cards dealt to the player and banker. If they are in a match, the Either Pair gamble will pay out.

Perfect Pair

In order to win a perfect pair in Baccarat it is necessary for the first two cards that are dealt to the banker be a perfect pair. In addition the cards must be identical in suit.

While this is certainly an increased risk, be aware that there may be up to eight decks of cards in the shoe . Therefore, it is possible to find perfect pairs.

Big Bets

Moving away from pairs wagering, Unibet’s Live Baccarat offers players the chance to bet on the number of points they scored from the initial four cards.

The first is known as a Big Bet and in this scenario the house will pay out when the sum of the banker’s and player’s hands hits 5 or 6.

Small Bets

A small bet will also take into account the total of the banker’s or player’s initial four cards. If the total hits 4 exactly the bet will pay out.

Your Move

We’ve provided you with a comprehensive review of all the Baccarat possibilities at Unibet and all we require now is to take part. Baccarat is a well-known casino game, and a large part of the initial popularity of Baccarat was its simplicity and, of course, its low house edge.

You can continue to be a bit simple by focusing on the three most popular betting options: banker, player or tie but as we’ve seen, the development in our casino live has opened the door for more betting possibilities.

Take in some demo games if you’d like to craft your Baccarat techniques. As when you’re ready to play for realmoney, simply sign in or go through the short registration process and you’ll be set for the real money versions.