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How Has Rainbow Riches Grown So Popular?

We all have thought of the pot at the end the rainbow. It can be found in fairytales, movies and books. We are captivated by the story of the Irish leprechaun, who wears green clothing and speaks Irish. It’s not hard to see why Rainbow Riches is a popular slot game in the UK.
Rainbow Riches is a chance-based game. This game features classic themes like Lucky Breaks and a fun casino game with low difficulty. Barcrest Game Studios created the Rainbow Riches game with four leaf clovers, leprechauns, gold and silver coin to keep players coming back.

Below, we’ll look at the history behind rainbow riches and the reasons it has been so successful.

Rainbow Riches’ past

The first ever rainbow riches slot game was launched in 2008 as a classic slot machine in a brick-and mortar location. The machine featured two screens: one for the five reels of 5×3 and one for Road to Riches. This feature allowed players to win even more and featured a wheel for fortune.

Rainbow Riches was a popular slot game that could be found in pubs throughout the UK. One of the biggest benefits of this game was its speed and the great rewards system. It also offered a higher rate of return than other slot machines at the time.

PS500 was used as the jackpot for the original version. It was very rare that players won this. Part of what made the game so popular was its simplicity and excitement.

Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches would not have been what it is without its strong brand. The popularity of the game was first built by the large number of slots machines available in the UK.

Rainbow Riches can be distinguished from other standard fruit machines by being one of the first themed slot games. While the theme might be simple, it’s a classic that uses Irish magic as well as fairytales to help players escape from the real world. They can also find the riches at the end.

Rainbow Riches was able dominate the market with this strong theme and became a major success. Many players instantly recognize the game from both newcomers and veterans.

Rainbow Riches available now

Rainbow Riches Casino has become an online product to keep up the pace of digital advancements. Rainbow Riches, which was originally a British pub game, is now available online to players from all over the world.

Online access meant players could play their favourite slots from anywhere. Rainbow Riches continues to grow in revenue because of this increased exposure.

The Rainbow Riches spinoff

A new version of Rainbow Riches Slingo was released in 2018 to complement the success of the slot game. Due to the popularity of bingo games in the UK, Rainbow Riches was able to offer a new version called Rainbow Riches Slingo.

Rainbow Riches Slingo offers a unique slot machine where players can choose their wagers before they start to play. Rainbow Riches Slingo is a unique slot game where players must collect as many slingos to win. A slingo can be described as a combination of five symbols.

Rainbow Riches Megaways is a new version released in 2019. Megaways was even more entertaining, with an additional 117.649 ways of winning. A brand new feature is available: Buy A Bonus. This allows you to purchase a bonus bet for a higher price.

There have been 9 versions so far of Rainbow Riches. These include:

2008 – The first version
2009 – Rainbow Riches, with additional features
2012 – Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n Mix
2017 – Rainbow Riches No Deposit Spins
2018 – Drops in Gold
2018 – Rainbow Riches Slingo
2018 – The Year of the Home Sweet Home
2019 – Rainbow Riches Megaways
2019 – Leprechauns Silver

Rainbow Riches is an old slot game. Rainbow Riches was originally a simple slot machine found in British pubs. Now it’s one of the most loved and played slot machines in the world.