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Slots – The Random Number Generator (RNG)

Slot machines online are enjoyable playing and among the played games in online casinos. You make your bets and press the Spin button. The reels spin and stop at a certain point in time. The winner is whoever hits an winning combination. Simple, right? Yes, but no.

The entire process is straightforward for the player, however there’s a lot of science that goes into the whole experience, right from how a slot online appears and feels, to the way you’re assured of a totally random outcome every time you game with Random Number Generator (RNG) in addition to, more importantly, the psychological aspect which makes slots so effective.

This page takes an in-depth look at the research behind online slot machines and the way it works. We’ll begin by discussing the RNG before moving on to the scientific basis behind the visual design.

It is the Random Number Generator (RNG)

In particular, due to its remoteness gambling on casinos online the most important requirement is fair gambling. Online casinos meet this requirement of online slots through a random numbers generator (RNG). Random number generators are algorithms that is generated by a computer, which casinos online use to randomly determine the outcome of the spin. It achieves this by producing an array of numbers, each corresponds to a specific symbol on the reels. This is something that can’t be predicted by any other method than luck.

There are generally two types of RNGs:

A Hardware Random Number Generator (HRNG) The type of RNG is a real generator of random numbers. They’re not computed values that result through an algorithm that is executed over and over. They’re truly random since you don’t have an unrepeatable number of numbers or established algorithm to break the code. This is why they’re also referred to as True Random Number Generators (TRNG).
Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG) This kind of RNG generates numbers that appear random. This is the meaning when you know the status of the PRNG, it is possible to duplicate the random sequence that it generates.

How the RNG works

What is the RNG works: The program creates the algorithm using an initial value. This is entirely natural since when something is to be executed repeatedly, there must start somewhere. That will be the value of seed. The seed value comes from any of the numerous repetitive operations or actions that take place on the computer. This could include processes that are in operation in a specific sequence to the mouse’s click, a certain set of keystrokes as well as the system’s internal clock.

What does this mean What does this mean to Slots What does this mean for Slots? Each symbol on reels has a particular amount assigned. When you spin the reels, the RNG algorithm produces distinct numbers at the rate of hundreds of numbers per second. The numbers generated after the reels cease to spin determine the symbols you see on the screen of your computer at that moment in time. The order in which the symbols appear that appear on your reels as determined by the numbers they’re symbolized by, determines whether you were able to win, and the amount. This will tell you how random entire process is. Another factor to take into consideration: every symbol is weighted individually. That means that in the case of a game that has 24 symbols on a reel, the probability of a given symbol appearing on a specific reel are essentially one out of 24 and totally random.

Usually , lower symbols are more heavy-weighted. The chance of being able to land a lower weighted symbol is much higher than the likelihood of landing a heavily weighted symbol, such as the bonus symbol, or, to elevate it to a greater degree in randomness, the likelihood of getting a bonus symbols that start a bonus round. Although the actual process can be randomized, gamblers have be confident of this fact. That’s why every reliable online casino has its RNG tested by an independent third-party known for its impartiality. The most well-known testing companies that the industry of online casinos utilizes include:

Technical Systems Testing (TST)
Gaming Labs International (GLI)
iTech Labs

Value of the Value of Return to Player (RTP) Value

Another piece of research that comes into play in online slot machines is the return to the player (RTP) number. The RTP value shows how much over the course of time, a machine will pay you back. The RTP value is typically calculated and is presented in a percentage figure and a slot that has an RTP number of 96% actually implies that, for each $100 you bet, it will give back $96 over a time of time. Remember that this is a hypothetical figure and is a calculation based on statistics.

In the example above in the above example, the RTP figure is 96%, while the 4% represents what is known as the edge of the house. In other words, for each $100 bet the house will gain the amount of $4. While the RTP will tell you the amount you could anticipate winning from the $100 bet in the case of the earlier instance, it does not indicate the frequency or speed at which you could expect to win it back.

Everything is driven by the operation of the RNG which is at the bottom of the day. This is the reason for the fairness quotient as well as evens the playing field and your chances of winning on a specific spin are the exact same as the odds of losing.

The Slots and the Prices Associated with them

Each slot comes with a cost that is applicable to both the player as well as the operator. For players, the price refers to the amount per play. Therefore, for a 50 cent spin, the amount the player sees will be the same as what he has to pay. For the player, in contrast the price will include not only costs per spin, but other elements like home edge. For a game that has an edge of 5% for the house and a 5% house edge, the cost for the operator would consist of the percentage they earn for each spin over a time. CasinoShortList has conducted exhaustive research to find the most reliable online casinos with the highest RTP slots for players. These are the slots with the highest RTPs.

Human Psychology and Slots Human Psychology

There’s another layer of research that is required in slot machines that is psychology. There have been many studies carried out on this mostly focusing on the human behaviour. It’s as easy as the findings of an study Skinner carried out in the 70s. Pigeons were kept in cages and given food whenever they pressed an lever. The reward was not random which made birds repeatedly hit the lever without knowing the exact time they would be rewarded and hoping to win every time.

Another researcher, Natasha Dow Schull, an anthropologist of culture, has identified some of the features known as trigger features casinos that are located in the land use to capture the attention of gamblers and keep them interested. These are the trigger features we’ve known for a long time but have never been linked to the scientific aspects:

Screen types: Screens that have soft colors and an angle of 38 degrees will ensure that eye protection and can help conserve energy.
Sound: The majority of sounds that a slot machine makes are pleasant music for the ears. There’s a science behind this, that we are unaware of: sounds are produced in the key C which produces a soothing “sound.
The place and layout of a slot machine is designed to protect your security and provide you with the chance to play long hours
Button use: The button provides you with a sense of control, and the possibility of performing an action on your own like the lever. When you win you feel rewarded however, if you don’t you feel the urge to get one in your next turn.
Near misses: Misses can be an important factor in helping you place another bet. They provide you with the feeling that you’ve lost a bet by a small margin and hence the need to rectify that the next time .
Low bets: Your first idea you have when you see an a penny machine is the thought that maybe you could play a bit of fun because it’s just that is a penny!

How to Win Psychology of Winning

The greatest thing about slot machines is that there are a myriad of games you can play and more chances to win. There are no studies to establish the obvious fact that everyone enjoys winning.