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How To Boost Your Marriage

You’d think all of this time at home will make us crazy sex lovers. I mean, what else do we have to do? We’re in our home with our friends, the children, and Netflix. Netflix and chill should be our preferred nighttime activity isn’t it? Wrong. After a day of home-schooling and entertaining the kids, Zoom-ing the grandparents, and loading and unloading the dishwasher throughout the. day. long. and making phone calls with your baby on your lap, and then you do it all and over again the next day!

We’re exhausted and sex is the last thing that we’re thinking about around the time our children go to bed. But that doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel on sexually hot life. Instead, you should follow these 10 steps to keep things hot.

1. Update your foreplay

Foreplay is not just a precursor to the sexual experience. It can get your body buzzed and ready for this time with your loved one. Do something different like the oil massage or an exciting game with anal balls (see some ideas below!). It doesn’t matter if you’re naked to be excited about sexual activity. Sex is just as much a psychological act as it is physical.

2. Implement gratitude

Your sex life can often be a large indicator of the current state of your relationship. When you’re happy sexually and you’re happy, it’s likely that your relationship is too. If your sexual relationship isn’t happy, try finding ways to improve communication and grow nearer to one another. The easiest way to do this is to develop a sense of gratitude. Give them a big thank you for the little things, such as doing the dishes or cooking even simple meals on a weeknight.

Similar to that apply the same kind of gratitude to your sex lives. Tell your partner that you love your favorite things. Say that you’re happy that they’re committed to having a fun sexual life as well. It’s possible to do this by the act of sexting, while doing the dishes (the number of dishes in the kitchen right today is unimaginable) or during sex or after.

3. You must get out of the bedroom

The last thing we want in our sex lives is too much repetition. The simplest way to stop it is moving out of the bedroom. You’re in the middle of a property or apartment, so make use of it! Whether it’s in your shower (the slippery aspect is slightly difficult, but we believe in you! ) or in the kitchen, or the car (all those high school make-out memories) There are numerous options to take your pick. In particular, if your children are asleep and you don’t want to limit your options to the bedroom.

4. Schedule sexual

Although it may appear odd or routine Although it may seem odd or routine, scheduling sex can be a great way to encourage both of you to have sex regardless of how exhausted you may be at the time you go to bed. It doesn’t matter if you add it to your shared calendar or pick specific days during your week. You’ll be aware when you wake up that morning that you’re set to go out later.

When you schedule a day make sure you make sure to remind the other. Not just because you’re both likely forget (which is the reality) however, to build anticipation even further. Contact them in the morning talking about the event over breakfast (in codes, of course). Allow you both to get excited to have sex!

5. Add sex toys

Sex toys don’t just have to be for solo play! If you and your companion explore a store (or websites!) in a group (great moment to bond) or pick things to give them a surprise, there’s something out there for you and your partner. The idea of introducing sex toys to your relationship can be a little intimidating when you’re not on the same page and don’t think into too much, it can be a wonderful tool (literally) to help get you and your partner out of a stagnation.

6. Follow your sex lives

It’s possible to go for a few weeks without even touching your partner if both are very busy. Apps like Nice Sex Tracker and Clue (for period tracking) both offer the ability to keep track of your sex activities in an overview of your sex life. If your stats aren’t up you should start using these techniques to increase them! You can also totally use your planner, or even your regular iCal to do this, however, you may be able to think of a code (a funny emoji maybe?) If you’re scared of other people viewing all the times you’ve had sexual encounters.

7. Do not be afraid of the quickie.

Sex shouldn’t be within a bed with sparkling candles and petals of roses. Sex can be just as thrilling when it’s unexpected or spontaneous , and doesn’t happen all night long. Have a sex session in the morning rather than during the night, or when the children are asleep. You don’t have to wait for all day to be fun for you and your partner.

8. Don’t forget to wear your lingerie

How often do you purchase Lingerie just to let it slide to the back of your drawer and not see the light of day approximately two days a time (V-Day or birthdays)? We’re not the only ones, but instead of getting in that same pattern, make it a commitment to wear your bras. Wear your favorite bra and pantsuit set underneath the outfit you’re wearing, or dress your bodysuit with Jeans and ablazer for dinner dates. Wearing lingerie doesn’t have to be a awkward dress-up alteration when you’re about to get hot ‘n heavy with your partner.

Obviously, if you don’t own any of the sexy lingerie Try to find something you like. We enjoy SavageXFenty, ASOS, Nasty Gal, Nordstrom, and Amazon (little did you know Amazon is home to some of the cutest Lingerie available! ).

9. Put money into lube

Lube is among the most overlooked and unappreciated tools for sex to include to have in the arsenal. Some people believe that Lube is essential to create a comfortable and relaxing sex however, it’s also an instrument that helps everybody feel more friction and less discomfort. It’s no secret that this means the possibility of more orgasms as well as better sexual pleasure for everyone. If you choose to use an water-based or oil-based lube, it’s up to you, but avoid anything that is silicone-based in the event that you are planning to make use of it along with your favorite silicone toys.

10. Have a sexy game

Be free of the notion that sex should be a just-before-bed moment between you and your partner. Sexual activity can be an integral aspect of your night routine, not being a mere line item at the time you’re done. As soon as you get home from work , or after your dinner, concentrate on you and your companion (or just you–just because your partner is present doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to take advantage of your own time!). Light the candles right away and then take a bath. wear your lingerie and then play with your companion.

The classic strip-poker (take off an item of clothing whenever you’re wrong, I love playing this by playing a friendly game that’s called Uno!) is always a fun game however, we also enjoy the game of truth or dare, touching and setting a timer for 10 20 or more minutes prior to getting into business, or making up something which works for you. Also, be creative and see what you come with.