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Are e-cigarettes right for me?

E-cigarettes. Vapes. You’ve probably seen people who use these. You might even have one for yourself. But do you are aware of their effects to your overall health?

We discuss some of the main concerns and confusion about the use of e-cigarettes.

Is vaping safe?

A recent study by the government found an overwhelming majority of the population in UK are unaware of the risks associated with cigarettes and e-cigarettes. The majority of people who were surveyed believed that vaping was equally dangerous as smoking cigarettes. However, this isn’t the case.

Vaping is believed to be about 95% more secure than smoking cigarettes

In the UK the UK, liquids and e-cigarettes are closely controlled.

Although e-cigarettes do contain some harmful chemicals that are found in cigarettes, their levels are significantly smaller. Additionally, you won’t breathe in carbon monoxide or tar while you smoke. These are the two most dangerous chemicals found that are found in cigarettes.

There are reports of serious illnesses or even deaths due by vaping elsewhere. Most of these incidences have been linked to vape liquid containing THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) or other substances not allowed in the UK.

Public Health England’s recommendation to vapers is that vape, even though it is not without risk however, is about 90% more secure than smoking cigarettes.

Are electronic cigarettes completely secure to use?

Not entirely.

The recommendation is you begin smoking e-cigarettes unless you intend to use e-cigarettes to replace traditional cigarettes.

As we’ve discussed, e-cigarette liquid and vapour are a source of many of the same hazardous chemicals that are present in cigarettes. However, they’re in much lesser quantities than those found in cigarettes as well in UK there are strict rules in place to ensure of this.

There are other dangers discussed, however, it is necessary to conduct more research on the long-term consequences of vaping before we can say for sure.

In general, the main British health organisations all believe that vaping is an safer alternative to smoking tobacco.

E-cigarettes can help smokers stop smoking cigarettes?

Yes. Vaping has been proven to be a powerful instrument to aid people to stop smoking cigarettes.

Recent research suggests that vaping might be more effective than other methods for nicotine-replacement therapy like patches or chewing gum.

If you’re considering using electronic cigarettes to help you stop smoking, research suggests that using them in conjunction with assistance from the local stop smoking services offers you a greater chances of success.

Are ecigarettes right for me?

E-cigarettes are a big benefit to certain individuals, however we don’t know the long-term impacts are. If you suffer from medical conditions, for example, asthma or heart disease, or if pregnant or trying to get an infant, other options are recommended.

If you’re looking to give up smoking but think that vaping could aid in quitting then you must talk to your doctor or local stop smoking center first. They’ll assist you in choosing the best method to give you the greatest chance of ending the habit for good.