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Colloidal Silver – What Is It Used For?

Colloidal silver is a mixture composed of small silver particles that are suspended within liquid base. It’s advertised as a treatment for a wide range of health issues. It is a medicine that can be taken through orally (orally). Some silver-containing colloidal products are applied by spray, on the skin or injected into veins.

Silver, which is a little differs from colloidal on the molecular level it has been utilized to treat ailments for thousands of years. It was believed to cure everything from arthritis and tuberculosis to cancer and herpes. Silver was also utilized to treat wounds as an antimicrobial.

The uses of colloidal silver

Supplements should be tailored to your needs and evaluated by a healthcare professional, like pharmacist, registered dietitian or healthcare professional. The purpose of supplements is not to treat, cure or prevent illness.

The manufacturers of colloidal silver say their products will boost the immune system, and help the body recover. The supplement is believed to assist:

Recover the wounds
Improve skin disorders
Treatment or prevention of diseases like the flu, pneumonia eye infections, herpes, cancer, shingles, and AIDS

A few test-tube studies have preliminary evidence to support a few of these assertions. They have shown that colloidal silver is a substance which fight the fungi, viruses, bacteria and inflammation. But, these studies do not demonstrate what happens outside of within the testing tube. Human studies of high-quality are required before researchers can make definitive conclusions.

Wound Healing

According to a review article, a variety of studies have investigated the use of silver-based dressings for skin ulcers and wounds. They discovered that silver particles have antibacterial properties, which helped treat diabetic ulcers.

It should be noted that the review article does not specifically refer to colloidal silver. More studies using colloidal silver will be required before making definitive conclusion about its effectiveness to heal wounds.


A prospective cohort study examined colloidal silver as a treatment for chronic rhinosinusitis that affected 20 people. Researchers evaluated the topical nasal spray that contained colloidal silver with an oral spray that contained salicylate. Following six weeks of treatment the colloidal silver did not show any improvements in rhinosinusitis clinically significant symptoms.

The study also examined the safety and effectiveness of colloidal silver when treating patients suffering from chronic rhinosinusitis. Researchers evaluated the effectiveness of a nasal spray made up of colloidal silver with oral antibiotics. After 10 days of treatment it was found that colloidal silver had no change in the treatment of symptoms when compared with oral antibiotics. There were no serious side effects observed with colloidal silver.

The effectiveness of colloidal silver for rhinosinusitis does not seem to be very impressive based on the findings of the study. More studies using colloidal silver must be conducted before drawing firm conclusions regarding its effectiveness to treat rhinosinusitis.

What are the effects on the side effects Colloidal Silver?

The people who use colloidal silver will not suffer any immediate negative side consequences. The concern is more to the effects that will last for a long time the use of colloidal silver.

The reason is that particles build up inside the body in time. They encase themselves in tissues and organs, and in particular the skin. In time, this may result in a permanent and disfiguring condition known as argyria.

Argyria can cause tissues to change from blue-gray to bluish. It first affects the gums before the eyes, skin as well as the nails and more deep tissue layers.

It’s not known how toxic silver can be to organs in the body. However, animal studies have shown that silver is associated with:

Liver and kidney dysfunction
Reproductive risks
Left hypertrophy of the ventricular region

Common Side Effects

There is not much research available on the short-term effects of colloidal gold. There is however more information about the long-term consequences of colloidal silver.

Common side effects that are associated with long-term use of colloidal silver are:

Ocular arryrosis
Fingernails with discoloration

The degree and the location of discoloration will depend on the dosage type and specific to the patient.

Dosage How Much Silver Colloidal UK Do I need to take?

Always consult your physician prior to taking a supplement to make sure that the dosage and the supplement are suitable for your specific requirements.

Because of a lack of study, there’s no evidence of a safe and efficient dose of colloidal silver. In addition, it’s unclear the point at which the colloidal silver can become harmful.

The main issue is the fact that the quantity of silver particles may differ between different products from one to another. Some have as little as 10 parts for every million (ppm) and others contain more than 300 ppm.

Even with the FDA ruling that ruled against the safety of colloidal silver, colloidal product containing silver is still offered as supplements to a diet. The majority are liquid.

The colloidal silver can also be found in the following forms:

Eye drops
Body lotions
Cough drops
Nasal sprays

What happens if I take Over Colloidal Silver?

The amount of research conducted on the toxic effects of colloidal silver on human beings is not extensive. There is no prescribed dosage regarding colloidal silver.

The most commonly reported side consequence of long-term usage of colloidal silver is the argyria. Based on research in animals silver toxicity has caused the condition known as thrombocytopenia (low number of platelets) and clotting dysfunction. proteinuria (protein in urine) seizures, kidney dysfunction as well as the loss of coordination.

How to store Colloidal Silver

Silver supplements made of colloidal silver should be kept in a dry, cool and well-ventilated location. Make sure you keep the supplements in the container from the container you bought the supplements.

Coloidal silver supplements should be discarded in accordance with the expiration date that is listed on the package.

Make sure to keep colloidal silver as well as other substances out of reach of pets or children at your home.