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Ordering repeat prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions let you purchase any regular medication you are taking much more quickly, without having making a scheduled appointment with the physician of yours whenever you require more.

Most of the member GP practices of ours signed approximately a voluntary program for ordering recurring prescriptions in 2017, that is safer for individuals and also helps you to decrease the high volume of wasted medications – estimated to cost the local NHS of yours at least £2 million annually.

The repeat prescription of ours ordering scheme just affects those patients that order the repeat medicines of theirs through the pharmacy of theirs or maybe a dispensing company.

People who currently order their repeat medications themselves, from the practice of theirs and those who’d find it hard to do themselves aren’t impacted by the scheme.

What exactly are the advantages of the repeat prescription buying scheme?

Methods to order repeat prescriptions

The guide below describes several of the various ways you are able to purchase the repeat prescriptions of yours though it’s usually well worth checking with the GP practice of yours about what systems they use, and also they’ll additionally be pleased to reply to some queries you may have

Your GP’s internet service – once you have signed up with the practice of yours, the internet service is secure, easy, and quick to use
Handing in the white colored, tear off portion of your repeat prescription to the surgery of yours
Sales letter to the GP practice
Fax (in some GP practices)

About the scheme

Most patients that were impacted by the scheme were composed to by the GP practice of theirs and also the CCGs telling them about the shift. Anyone impacted by the device for buying repeat prescriptions were then in a position to decide to get the repeat prescriptions of theirs in a variety of ways that are distinct – like signing up for their GP practice’s protected online process. Special arrangements were created for patients that weren’t capable to purchase their repeat drugs themselves.