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Reasons To Consider Vaser Liposuction

Vaser Liposuction is an effective and precise way to eliminate stubborn fat deposits from problematic areas like the stomach as well as love handles, armpits and thighs. It’s also among the most effective techniques for body contouring that are offered.

How does it compare to traditional liposuction?

We will go over the three main advantages Vaser Liposuction is able to offer over traditional liposuction.

1. Vaser Liposuction melts the fat

When performing an Vaser Liposuction procedure an ultrasound probe is placed into the area of interest through tiny incisions. The fat cells that are enlarged are then melted prior to removal away from your body.

Contrary to this the traditional methods of liposuction use the cannula to break or break down fat cells prior to being eliminated by vacuum suction.

This means that Vaser Liposuction is a less invasive cosmetic treatment than conventional liposuction, and is a lot less radical. Patients suffer less pain, less swelling and bruising, and a shorter recovery because of. Also, there is a lower possibility of internal injuries sustaining through the procedure.

2. Vaser Liposuction produces better results.

Because these fat cells are dissolving prior to removal using the Vaser Liposuction UK procedure, cosmetic surgeons can get more sculpted and smoother results for body contouring. The results will be further improved when the process is completed as well as after wearing compression clothing and the participation of lymphatic massages.

It’s not uncommon for patients who undergo liposuction to have bumpy, uneven appearance because the process of removing fat can be less precise. Fat deposits that aren’t wanted can remain , causing irregularities in the areas of concern. This causes many patients of traditional liposuction seeking more corrective cosmetic procedures later.

3. Vaser Liposuction helps tighten skin

One of the major advantages of Vaser Liposuction over other liposuction techniques is its capacity to improve skin tightening. When fat cells that are stubborn melt in Vaser Liposuction, the fat cells are melted. Vaser Cosmetic procedure skin is heated with ultrasound technology.

This causes collagen fibers in the skin and strengthens the skin on the targeted areas of the body. In the end, those who undergo Vaser Liposuction will have a lower risk of having skin wrinkles or flaring after fat from the body is eliminated.

For those with thin skin , or who have experienced the loss of weight or multiple pregnancies using the procedure for tightening the skin Renuvion could be an option. This FDA-approved procedure is utilized alongside Vaser Liposuction surgery and aids in tightening the skin by using radiation and plasma.

To summarize, Vaser Liposuction is a less invasive body contouring and fat-removal procedure contrasted with traditional liposuction techniques. The results are than the conventional methods and the negative side negative effects are less.

Are you wondering if you’re an ideal potential candidate Vaser Liposuction or wish to examine the procedure in greater depth? Reach out to our team.