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Why Might Somebody Take a Medical Elective Abroad?

Medical electives abroad are growing in popularity. A lot of students in the healthcare field are considering this option and with reasons that are legitimate! Students have had their placements cancelled due to COVID-19. many are having difficulty to arrange placements in the UK as a result.

If you’ve already made the decision to take your Elective abroad or are considering the idea, here are 6 reasons why it’s the best option in 2023.

You’ll learn from qualified and experienced local professionals, who’ll mentor and guide you through your stay abroad. They are warm and knowledgeable, and will be happy to teach you about the healthcare system in their country. When you take a midwifery elective in Tanzania for instance you will be able to be:

Observe live births and Cesarean sections
Rotate between different departments
Learn hands-on skills in community outreach

If you are in a developing nation there is a chance to experience different ailments and techniques than you would back home. It’s a great opportunity to find out the treatment of patients in countries that are different from your own, and to see how medical professionals adjust to obstacles like inadequate resources. Our students , for instance, have had the opportunity to learn about dengue disease during medical training.

From observing medical personnel as well as assisting in practical tasks as well as treating patients under supervision, you’ll leave with a wealth information and improve your own abilities. Based on the department, certain Medical Elective students have been involved in:

Measuring vital signs
The changing of clothes/bandages
Measuring blood pressure
Take blood samples

Although an elective can be required as part of your degree and completing your international experience can be a valuable addition to your resume. It proves that you’re willing and able to go beyond your comfort zone, hold an avid interest in global affairs, and want to expand your perspectives.

There are times when you learn a great deal about yourself and what you value about your future career. Your elective overseas will give you valuable lessons you can apply back at home, identify the strengths as well as weaknesses and let you know how you perform under a variety of circumstances. It could even spur an interest in a certain medical field and shape the future practitioner you’ll become!

Another of the advantages of working abroad is the ability to experience an entirely new way of living! From staying with a host family to sampling the local cuisine or visiting local places of interest and engaging with the local people in the community, it’s an enjoyable and an eye-opening experience.

If these 6 reasons are convincing then the next step is to choose your destination! There are a variety of medical elective abroad assignments that cover various fields of healthcare, such as:


Each one of our destinations provides something different in terms of the type of healthcare practice you will get to observe and in the place you’ll be placed, from clinics to hospitals, and medical centres. We have identified the most important placements for students who are elective, which meet the requirements of universities and offer greater flexibility in terms of hours and departments.