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Why Visit The Dentist?

Is that a ridiculous question?
Many people confess to only going to the dentist when they have a serious problem. Research shows that fewer people are attending regular hygiene and dental checks. Why?

A few years back, most people went to the dentist every six month or were aware of this fact. Are people less convinced now that they need to go? You could have a variety of reasons for this:

We are still in the midst of a six-year recession.
Some (but not all) people have seen an improvement in their dental health over the years.
A few years ago, there was a report that recommended that cleanings and half-yearly checks weren’t necessary.
The increased use electric tooth brushes could increase the perception of improved oral hygiene, and therefore less professional attention.

What are most people looking for in their teeth?

….to ensure their teeth are healthy, beautiful, functional, and beautiful for the rest of their lives. It could take up to ninety years or more. This contrasts with people fifty years back who expected to lose their teeth in their forties, and to wear plastic dentures the rest of their lives. These expectations can be fulfilled if you have access to professional dental assistance. It’s unlikely. What is the best way to maximize your chances of achieving these goals? You need to have excellent oral hygiene at home and maintain good preventative dental care. It is possible to maintain a clean mouth and strong teeth. This will ensure that your dental health lasts.

What role does the dentist play?

The human body works in much the same way as any other machine, like a motor car. To ensure your car lasts, runs efficiently and is safe, you must have regular service. You should trust your mechanics to do this.

The teeth are the most complex structures in the human body. They take a lot of pressure, abuse and can even be broken. Regular servicing is necessary, just as with cars.

A check-up may take only 2 minutes or take up to half an hour. A half-yearly, thorough, valuable and effective dental check should include:

Evaluating gum health and looking for signs of infection/inflammation (eg. bleeding, pocketing).
Examining for evidence of decay or leakage in older restorations.
Evaluation of any changes or increase in aggressive teeth wear (dental night grinding).
Verify that the bites of the upper and lower teeth remain evenly balanced.
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Usually, a scaling/cleaning hygiene session can be done on the same day. Even if your mouth is clean twice daily at home, this can be a huge benefit.

The patient can have tartar or plaque removed from any areas that are difficult for him/herself.
It is possible to monitor hygiene at home, even with an electronic toothbrush.
By constantly reminding people and refocusing their attention on hygiene, they can maintain a high level of motivation and awareness.

In my practice, I have found that the patients with the most healthy teeth visit the dentist every six months. The patients who do not come often are the ones that have the worst teeth. This is a classic chicken or egg scenario. These patients are also those who have the fewest dental emergencies, the lowest long-term dental expenses, and the best smiles.

Patients who return to their dental care after prolonged absences (which is typically due to some kind of dental crisis) often have signs of plaque accumulation. This includes swollen and bleeding gums, as well as tender, stained teeth. Instead of being preventive, dentistry can be used to treat or cure problems.