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Importance of Using a Lawyer in Spain

Nearly everyone who buys an investment property located in England or Wales will leave all legal issues associated with the purchase to a solicitor, whether a specialist conveyancer or an general practitioner however, in all cases, an independent, qualified legal advisor to protect the rights of the buyer. Only those who have previous knowledge of purchasing properties and a thorough understanding of the laws governing property ought to consider managing their own transactions, and, even then, it makes very little sense to take on the task. This is because when you engage an attorney, not only will you be sure you will get your property conducted professionally, but in the event that the professional advisor commits an error that results in damage to the buyer the buyer will be liable. There should be an insurance policy for professional indemnity to pay for the damage.

The same rule applies when buying a house in Spain. Before you pay either to a seller , or the estate agency, you should hire an experienced Spanish lawyer to guide and assist you with the details your purchase.

Why is it important to work with an experienced Spanish lawyer before you pay the security deposit for a home in Spain

If, while purchasing a home in Spain and you make a payment prior to receiving advice, you could lose the amount of money you have paid if you decide not to proceed. When you are in England or Wales you should not make any payments towards an agent in order to make sure that the property is removed from the market. In fact, you’d be astonished by an estate agent who asked for a cash payment.

If you live whether in England or Spain Deposits are only paid after your lawyer’s independent investigation has been completed. thorough inquiries and provided you with the results. If you decide to move forward, you exchange contracts and pay a deposit, and at the same time agreeing on the completion date. The solicitor closes the sale and pays the closing funds and makes sure that you are registered to purchase the house under your name. This is the procedure that should be followed in order to ensure that you get what you want to purchase and avoid mistakes made by those who depend on the word of a seller or estate agent whose sole intention is to finish the sale and collect the proceeds as well as any fee.

This is the recommendation we provide to all our clients who consult us before they decide to purchase an Spanish property they want to purchase. However, some decide to make the deposit payment with an estate agency in Spain prior to receiving advice from an independent source. They are informed that they do not have to seek advice and they are told that estate agents as well as the Notary will take care of their interests, and that Spanish citizens do not require lawyers when purchasing properties or buy property, and that when they do decide to hire a lawyer they may choose to have one recommended to them by their estate agent.

What are the benefits of using a lawyer to help me with my purchase of a property in Spain?

It’s true that Spanish people don’t use lawyers to purchase property, but it is due to the fact that Spanish lawyers are not able to perform the same thing as solicitors. Spanish attorneys are lawyers, and it’s not sensible for an Spaniard to hire a lawyer to handle the purchase of a property that is not contentious. Of course, it’s sense not to hire an attorney who is recommended via the estate representative that is selling the property as likely, the lawyer will be inclined to ensure that the sale is completed regardless of the circumstance, especially since the lawyer will rely on the estate agent to provide an ongoing stream of clients.

The importance of the Notary for your purchase of a property in Spain

What you’re told, Spanish Notaries do not represent the interests of the buyer. They are impartial. Their mission is to make sure that the documentation for completion that is signed in the name of or by behalf of both the buyer and the vendor has been prepared according to the law and both parties are authorized to sign it , and are in compliance with the rules governing money laundering as well as other laws. The Notary’s role is not to provide advice on the advantages of buying the property. Even though you might be confident that everything will be handled in accordance with the law since the Notary will be in the process but if you don’t get independent advice and visit the Notary’s office along with the estate agent as well as the seller there is a significant chance that one or more elements of the deal will not be explained to you in full. This is usually due to the fact that it is not in the best interest of the seller to inform you of the details. aware of the transaction.

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In Spain Estate agents in Spain are not controlled. They are free to speak whatever they want to you in order to entice you in the property, however when you sign a document in the Notary’s office, in which you state that you understand what you’re buying and all the specifics and terms of deal are outlined in the document. The claim that you were lured to buy due to misleading claims that the estate agent made is not a certain method of rescinding the contract in the same way as it would be the case in England as well as Wales. There is no legal action regarding professional misconduct that can be brought against an estate agent since they aren’t controlled. If an independent opinion was not sought, there is no legal claim against a legal professional.

The role played by the estate agent plays in the purchase of your property in Spain

However the moment Brits go to Spain they prefer to believe in anyone they can comprehend, in the sea of Spanish natives. Therefore, an English native estate agent has an advantage because it appears that he is the “friend” who the British buyer has been searching for, and an answer to the buyer’s needs. It is crucial not to fall for that trap. Although certain Spanish real estate brokers are extremely reliable and dependable experts, it isn’t an indication that you can be trusted.

Professionals in the field of property who work in Spain will convince you the notion that “Spain differs” This is certainly true for the sun, the sea and sangria however, not when it comes to purchasing properties. Do not put your thoughts off while traveling and get independent legal advice from a specialist throughout your Spanish purchase. It’s not expensive and will provide you with security you need when purchasing a property in a different country the culture, language and laws that you might not know.