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Checklist to choosing the perfect wedding venue

Before you sign the contract, let’s take a look at these key considerations when choosing your wedding location.
A couple is likely to prioritize finding the perfect venue for their wedding. It’s a big decision that will determine the success of your wedding. There is so many choices!

You can easily get overexcited when viewing a new property. Without checking that it can accommodate your needs, you may fall in love. Your wedding venue will have an impact on how many people you can invite, what decor you choose, who you hire, when you get there, and even your budget.

We’re here to help answer that big question: how do you choose a wedding venue? We can help you find the right venue, no matter if you are already looking for the perfect venue or just starting your search.

Limiting Your Search

For some brides, finding the perfect wedding dress is like finding the right suit. It will be easy to imagine yourself there and the architecture, both interior and exterior, will match the theme of the wedding. You must remember some key points when searching for venues.

1. Is the Capacity right for you?

Decide whether you would prefer a larger venue for your wedding or one that is more intimate. This will help you narrow down your options. The venue’s size is an important consideration. It will affect your budget as well as the enjoyment of your wedding guests. If the room is too small for the number of guests, the space will feel cramped and crowded. However, if the space is too large, guests will feel overwhelmed and the space will feel cold.

So you can eliminate options that are too small and big, make a rough guest list. Remember, it is easy to underestimate how many people your family (or parents) will be inviting. You may end up with too many RSVPs and not enough people to invite.

If a venue is empty, it can be difficult to imagine how it would look with tables and other decorations. It is best to view a venue that has been set up for a wedding before you go. If you cannot see the venue, request photos; most venues have a slideshow and photo book.

Another tip is to request a seating plan for the room at capacity. This will give you an idea of how much space it has and how comfortably your guests will fit.

2. Is it in the Right Place?

Which country are your guests coming from? You should consider if your guests are from out of town, whether they live nearby, have accommodation available, or are close to hotels. What is the distance to an international airport for guests arriving from abroad? These factors should be taken into consideration when you make your decision. Your guests’ experience and comfort is key.

3. Does it fit with your Theme?

You should consider whether the venue matches or enhances your wedding theme. You might consider a beautiful country house or stunning mansion, such as Pembroke Lodge, if you’re looking for something glamorous. Modern? If so, a warehouse or gallery could be ideal. If you and your partner enjoy the outdoors, Consider a garden marquee, castles on large grounds, or venues that are connected to a sport that you love.

Even the location can influence your choice for a wedding dress. The venue’s formality and how it will be affected by the weather, as well as the facilities, are all important considerations. You might not want to drag your stuff through the mud or squeeze into grand portaloos in meringue dresses if you’re out in a field.

Make a list of all your non-negotiables

It is likely that you have an idea of how your day will go. The venue should be able to live up. These could be:

Budget – Does the venue have the ability to meet your needs within your budget? Is VAT included in the pricing and are gratuities for staff optional?
Catering – What cuisine do you prefer? Is this what the venue can provide?
Suppliers – Do you have friends who are talented enough to bake the cake and take the photos? If so, make sure the venue allows this or if they have recommended suppliers.
Live music – Is the venue allowed to have a band? Are you able to have a string quartet at your reception drinks?
Fireworks, sparklers, flame eaters etc. Check with your venue if you have other entertainment ideas.

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue Singapore

You should start planning your big day by asking the right questions about your venue. You will need to determine what is allowed at the chosen venue and, more importantly, what isn’t.
1. Ask about the Day’s Flow

Talk to the venue representative about how a typical day goes. It is important to keep the day moving smoothly. If there are any pauses or delays, your guests may become bored.

What is the turnaround time for a ceremony and reception that are in the same place? How many guests will be there and what do they do? This applies between the dinner and evening dancing.
The UK’s weather can be unpredictable. Does the venue offer indoor space for drinks at the reception if it does rain?
They can be a master or manager of the ceremony. This relieves you of the stress and will ensure your guests are always where they should be.

2. Be sure to verify the timing

The timing of the ceremony is a major decision. Although it can be difficult to predict the length of each element, an experienced venue should be capable to give you advice. Consider the experiences of your guests when planning your wedding.

What should the venue recommend? According to our experience, a wedding should last between 8-9 hours. If you extend the wedding beyond this time, the atmosphere can start to deteriorate. You want your ceremony to end on a high note!
Remember where most people are coming from. Allow plenty of time for people’s preparations and arrival. Is it possible for many to need public transport home? What time does the last train leave?
Also, ask about the setup time, access times for your suppliers, and collection dates.

3. Lighting: What are You Thinking?

Lighting is an important part of any event, especially wedding photos. You should consider whether the venue is outside or indoors.

Is there enough natural daylight in the room if the ceremony is held during the day? Are they able to provide candles or let you bring them in?
You will spend a lot of time with your camera so smile often! This in mind, how is the environment around your venue? Which area will you be taking photographs? You might be looking at a central town hall. Where can you take outside photographs?
You can enjoy the view from your venue, or any outdoor space, which is great for both photographs and for your guests. Are there grounds? This is a great place to have your children and guests stretch after the reception.

4. Get the Full Details

The venue viewing stage will not give you all the details of your day. You should however ask the venue what is permitted. These details should be gathered early in the planning phase before you book.

Check that the venue is allowed to burn candles if you are planning on a romantic, candlelit winter ceremony. You can throw confetti at your ceremony if you are having it at the same venue.

The most important step in your wedding planning is finding the right venue. This will set your date, determine your location, and affect many of your other planning decisions.