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Handmade Jewellery Has Heart And Soul

The art of making jewellery by hand is a tradition that has been in use for long periods of time. Jewellers draw on their imagination and love to make unique jewellery pieces that are distinctive and of top quality. Making jewellery by hand as with any other trade requires years of study to perfect. A skilled jeweler requires many hours and concentration to make an item of jewelry.

Here are five advantages to hand-crafted jewellery

1. Jewelry made by hand is more durable

The main distinction between cast and hand created is the chemistry in the material. When they are worked (hammered or tempered rolling) with hands, metals are strengthened. The molecules get flattened, and are placed in a manner that resembles a brick wall. The result is an increased surface area, and, consequently, the metal is dense and has more tension. Metal has a higher resistance to bending, and is more robust and durable. When the metal is cast (not manually worked) The molecules get separated and spread away, resulting in an unsteady structure as well as the risk of breaking because of air bubbles that are formed between the molecules.

2. Handmade jewellery is unique

The majority of the jewellery you can find in the chain stores of jewellery retailers is produced by the moulding or casting process. This is the process where the wax model is created to create a plaster mold. The mould is then filled with metal in order to create a mass-production of a single style of jewelry. This means that there may be several people with the identical engagement ring that you. Being a jeweler, you can be sure there’s only one similar to it. Although there are many similar designs each one has their own way.

3. Handmade jewellery made with ethically sourced materials

The public is becoming more conscious of purchasing ethically produced products. Be it food, clothing or jewelry, consumers prefer to buy from businesses which produce products that have less environmental impact in a non-cruel way. A majority of the handmade jewelry such as those we make are produced using ethically sourced gems and metals. We take our role in striving to create an ethical and sustainable business extremely carefully. Our jewelers are available to help you with any queries about where our precious metals and gems are sourced.

4. Help small-scale businesses

The purchase of handmade jewelry is the best option to support small-scale firms. Instead of buying the ring you want to wear from an multinational company that produces mass quantities of its items, you can purchase hand-crafted jewelry from your local jeweler. The money returns to the local community and the local economy. Small-scale businesses are also environmentally sustainable.

5. The handmade jewellery is made with soul and heart

Jewellers take pride in their work. They put their hearts and souls into each piece of jewelry, making sure to design something unique and of top quality. Our jewelers are involved in the process from conception to creation. They are passionate about making high-quality jewellery and will collaborate with you all the process to bring your idea to reality.

Our philosophy at is that jewelry we design and create should be original and loved by generations, not for years. We specialize in high-quality NZ made jewellery that is made to order and will endure for a long time.

Contact us today to find out how we can assist you in making your dream come true.