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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Heel, Based on Your Personal Style

Bridal shoes are top of the list when it comes to important accessories for your wedding day. Bridal shoes can be compared to the gown in that they are equally important from an aesthetic, fashion and comfort standpoint. You have many options, just like with wedding dresses.
This guide helps you evaluate the options and help you choose the best shoe for you. We’ve also included information on the most popular bridal pearl heels and the things to consider when you shop for this accessory.
Things to Consider when Shopping for Wedding Heels

It is a good idea, before starting your wedding heel search, to indicate your day-of fashion. Do you prefer ultra-glam style? Feminine? Contemporary? You want a shoe that is both classic and bold. This can help to find the right wedding heel for you from an aesthetic perspective.

Your heel search should begin after you find your dress. Discuss your options with your seamstress or stylist to find the right style. Sabatino encourages brides to bring different heels to their first fitting. Check the return policy for a few styles so you can try them on. You may also borrow a pair from your friend to get a better idea of the look you might wear on your big day.

Sabatino stresses that brides should not only consider looks but also comfort. She says that even those who are comfortable wearing heels every day will have trouble with them on their wedding night. “A bride should choose comfortable shoes that can be worn for a long time.”
How to choose the perfect height of a bridal heel

The next step after narrowing down the look you want for your heels is to determine the height. This will help to decide between different options such as stilettos and kitten heels or blocks. Sabatino emphasizes that brides must keep the venue’s terrain in mind. “If you are going to be outdoors, you should consider a block-heel so that you don’t sink in the grass,” she says. Consider a platform if height is important to you without a high heel.

Sabatino advises that when choosing between different heights or styles, you should go for the shorter ones. This is because lower heel heights will allow you to be more comfortable over longer periods. After spending so much time creating your look, the last thing that you want is to get out of your shoes just before the reception begins.
The most loved styles of wedding shoes

Here are some of the most sought-after wedding heel styles to help brides-to be find the perfect fit.

Stilettos, named after the stiletto dangling, are easily recognized by their short, thin heels. This style usually has a high heel, often ranging between two and three inches and as much as twelve inches. Sabatino states that “stilettos look stunning on the foot but can hurt.” “Be careful when choosing this shoe, as the super thin heel places all of the pressure on your ball of the feet.”

These heels are ideal for indoor venues, experienced shoe wearers, and brides planning to change their shoes later in an evening.
Platform Heels

The height of platform heels can vary from sensible to super-high, and pencil thin to thick. But their most distinctive feature is the thick underfoot.

Block Heels

Block heels are an ideal choice for brides because of their larger heel diameter. Because of their width, you have “extra stability”. This also allows for easier walking and dancing. You can find many styles to suit your needs, from basic to extravagant, and they’re extremely popular.
Kitten Heels

A kitten heel, sometimes called “shorter style stiletto”, is known for its tiny, delicate heels. These kitten heels are much smaller than traditional stilettos. They have a heel height of less then two inches. Audrey Hepburn made this chic style popular and it continues to be a favourite bridal style.


They are distinctive due to their continuous height which begins at the toe, and gradually increases to a higher heel. Sabatino agrees that this option is great for outdoor weddings. However they are less common than today’s wedding standards and it can be difficult finding a bridal wedge.

There are many more classic wedges in neutral shades, good news! Classic wedges could be the perfect shoe for you if you want to celebrate an event or celebration on sand.
Strappy Sandals

Carrie Bradshaw’s beloved heels are back in style. The strappy sandal features thin, barely-there-there straps that give the illusion of nude or non-existent heels. Sabatino suggests these sandals work best when it’s warmer, but warns brides that heat can cause your feet to swell so make sure you break them in.

You should try these heels on before you buy.

Sabatino said that while you may have heard the term “pump,” it can also be used to refer “any shoe with heel”. If pumps have additional details, they are usually limited to a buckle and bow.

Also, the heel width can vary from block to stiletto. So it’s important to narrow those factors when you shop for bridal shoes.
Peep Toe Heels

Peep-toes can be described as a heel with a cutout in the toe, similar to pumps. Sabatino explained that while peep toes won’t be as open-cut as sandals or mules but will still display a pretty pedicure. Peep toes are more delicate and feminine that their closed-toe counterparts. However, Sabatino noted they’re less popular in today’s wedding scene.

You should consider the weather when you are deciding between closed or peep toe pumps. Sabatino prefers closed toe heels in colder areas to keep brides’ feet warm.
Some helpful shopping tips

Whatever style of bridal heel you like, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that your special day is beautiful. Before you go shopping for the perfect style, Sabatino has some helpful tips.

Think about your personal tolerance of heels. Some people love to wear high heels every day, while others prefer stilettos. You can think about the type of shoes that you already own, and use them as a starting point for choosing your wedding footwear.
Comfort comes first. Even though it might seem appealing to buy the most expensive heels, it’s important to select a shoe you are comfortable with. A practice pair is a good option if you have to do something different.
Make sure to take your shoes off. No matter what kind of shoe you have, breaking in your wedding shoes will prevent blisters from aching toes and help you decide if you’re wearing the right shoes for the dance floor.
Tell your seamstress when you plan to change your shoes. Your seamstress should be notified if you are going to change your heels for the wedding. They can make sure your hemline fits both shoes, and they can also help to avoid potential tripping on too long skirts at the reception.
Do not be afraid to ditch the heels. If heels don’t fit your personal style or you prefer to be comfortable, you can always ditch them. No need to feel sore feet, there are many wedding shoe options, including sneakers and boots.