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Le Laboureur – Who are they?

Le Laboureur work jackets now are available. The French work jacket (also recognized as a chore jacket or maybe coat) dates to the late 1800s. A difficult outerwear garment, generally made from sturdy cotton drill or maybe moleskin, in a roomy workwear healthy, the garment was ideal for the hard physical work carried out by labourers – with big spaces for storage & button cuffs so the sleeves might be rolled up quickly. Every one of the variations were developed to be hard-wearing and functional.

Used every day, with matching trousers, worker jackets had been usually manufactured in a brilliant blue colour (resulting in them getting recognized as’ bleu de travail’ in France). Farmers, craftsmen and technicians wore this colour. The colour black was chosen by the carpenters and much more senior staff wore grey and white versions. Certain workers used a black colored model of the coat to church on Sundays, a beginning instance of its Versatility.

Le Laboureur started in the 1950s as soon as founder, Primo Zelanti, started travelling throughout the Charolais countryside on his moped, promoting conventional workwear at agricultural markets & fairs. The company expanded quickly, and also in 1956 Zelanti began his store and brand – Le Laboureur (The Ploughman) in the centre of Digoin. The brand began making clothing for construction along with other trades after focusing on clothing for farming work.

The organization continues to be owned by the Zelanti loved ones, with Primo’s boy, Jean Charles Zelanti, succeeding his dad as CEO in the 1980s. They still produce their garments in a factory on the Rue des Chantiers, centrally located in the Digoin region. Conventional patterns are utilized to make their traditional workwear in an assortment of high quality materials.

Le Laboureur’s traditional worker jacket is gon na have stock. This particular hard wearing jacket is offered by us in an assortment of fabrics and colors, which includes cotton drill, wool and moleskin. A classic design that deserves an area in a closet.