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Men’s Footwear Buying Guide

You’ve probably forgotten how many pairs of shoes you’ve purchased throughout your life. The majority of us have invested hundreds, if perhaps thousands of dollars on shoes regardless of whether you’re an avid fan of sneakers or prefer to keep things basic. But how much do truly know what factors make a pair worth the money? What can you do to ensure that it lasts?

The purchase of shoes is an everyday thing that you don’t be aware that you’re making a mistake. (Many people think that the quality of a pair of shoes is directly linked to its cost, but this isn’t always the case.) In order to help you start on the right foot we reached out to an expert that has built a living by understanding the process of the making of a good pair of footwear (or for him boots). Nolan Walsh is the man behind Thursday Boot Company, a direct-to-consumer producer of boots as well as other leather products. The depth of his knowledge is unparalleled and his guidance was valuable, focusing on broad style guidelines and the nitty-gritty aspects of the process behind footwear that you’ve not considered.

Be realistic about its use AND YOUR LIFE

The first step when purchasing new shoes is to figure out what you want from them. While style and comfort are equally important but you must also ensure that the pair you’re purchasing isn’t in any way contrary to what you want from it. One of the most important things Nolan recommends to be looking for in a boot or sandal is a sturdy outsole that has the right traction for the conditions in which you’ll wear it. For instance, if often work in the outdoors, a shoe with a sole that is smooth will be nearly ineffective. It’s better to select a pair with a thick outsole that has ridges. If you’re buying the shoe that you will be using for exercises that are primarily focused on weightlifting, you might not need an athletic shoe despite the fact that they’re both good for fitness. So, regardless of the kind of shoe you purchase, pay close careful attention to what the sole. It’s going be an important factor in determining whether the shoes will satisfy your requirements.


So, you’ve found a cool new pair of shoes, or perhaps you’ve got a new pair of formal shoesthat you’ve picked. You’ve evaluated your needs and found the pair which meets your needs. You’re in a shop, removing them off the shelf , or taking the box out of your online purchase. What’s next?

Check the men’s footwear carefully. There are several warning signs to watch for in order to ensure you don’t purchase shoes that aren’t made to last or, even more importantly, flawed. If you are looking to buy footwear or boots that prominently contain some leather Nolan advises that the most effective way to determine the quality of the leather is to feel the surface. “If you touch it, you’ll feel the paint texture on the leather” Nolan suggests, “Similarly, if the leather is dull, you’re likely to be holding an unfinished split grain item.” This is interesting as genuine leather isn’t 100% clean and flawless. Over-finishing is detrimental to the durability of the leather and, even more importantly, could be used to disguise the poor quality leather.

Then you should take a look at the outsole. For leather shoes and boots, Nolan advises you to look at a thorough, hard examination of the welt (or specifically, ensure you’re buying a shoe with one) that’s the lining that runs around the entire perimeter of a shoe’s outsole. There are several types, with Nolan’s firm offering four distinct types of welts throughout their collection (goodyear stitchout, welt, Veldtschoen, and stormwelt). A shoe with the welt will last longer, will be more resistant to water and the most important thing is that it can be resoled. While you’re there, examine the outsole’s quality and flexibility. An outsole that’s not flexible isn’t likely to be very comfortable over the long run.

Also, take a look at the construction in general. Pay attention to poor glue, sloppy pieces of fabric or leather as well as the stitching. Poor stitching can cause it be ruined quicker than you would like them to.

Purchase the WARDROBE you already own

Are you having trouble deciding on the type of shoe you should buy? Nolan suggests keeping your closet in your head. When asked about any particular reason that he’d suggest customers a lace-up shoe over, for instance or the Chelsea boot , he replied, “I think it really is based on what’s in the closet of a person and their financial budget.” It’s true. From the style of the shoe you purchase to the color it’s available in it’s important to ensure you’ll be able to wear it by combining it with the wardrobe that you already have. Boots and sneakers are typically everyday wear for men, so spending the money on a pair that does not match your current style will eventually make you unhappy. “Footwear can be the difference between the look of your wardrobe,” Nolan says, “so I’d advise my fellow shoe enthusiasts to purchase styles that they believe will compliment their clothes and will be comfortable wearing for a long time.”

A good pair of shoes can be the perfect accessory to tie an outfit that is stunning or an outfit overall. With these suggestions in mind, you’ll be able to choose the perfect pair of shoes making sure your feet as well as your pocketbook are investing in the right way.