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Men’s Footwear Essentials

It’s said that the first meeting you have with an individual, you’re judged based by a variety of aspects which include three primary ones being your hair or handshake and, perhaps most importantly your shoes.

It’s an interview at work or first date, If you’re hoping to get acceptance from your prospective employer or a potential lover it’s unlikely be able to convince them when they look down to see a sad-looking pair of battered winklepickers.

“But there’s so many choices!” we hear you say. With a seemingly endless variety of styles offered in shops and on the internet, finding the right shoes can seem overwhelming. Be assured thanks to some of the top brands of British manufacturing, we’ve narrowed down the selection to just seven fundamentals.

Black Leather Oxford Black Leather Oxford

There’s no rule of thumb or formula that can be used to build the perfect shoe collection since styles will differ. But, it is essential to be prepared for every circumstance, including those that require suits. If you’re in need of an black Oxford made of leather. Oxford.

For the technical side to get more technical, the Oxford name is a reference to a closed-lace dress shoes in which the part (the portion of leather through which the laces pass through) is stitched beneath the vamp (the front that the men’s footwear is made of). If you are able to run your finger through the two holes in the lace the shoe you’re actually wearing is the term “Derby” Derby shoe.

It may appear like an unnecessary item to mention however, the lacing system can give an Oxford (or Balmoral, or Balmoral when you’re located in Scotland) its perfect fitting and sleek surface, making one of the more formal type of shoe of all.

What to Find

“An Oxford should be worn with black or grey formal pants,” says Grenson creative director Tim Little. “Make sure the shape of the toe is correct. If it’s too pointed, you’ll look like a spiv. to round they appear like clumps. A good almond shape is what you’re looking for.”
Recommended Brands

Affordable: Aldo, Clarks, Topman

Premium: Dr. Martens, Kenneth Cole, J.Crew

Luxury: John Lobb, Crockett & Jones, George Cleverly

It’s the Brown Leather Brogue

While it might seem like an exercise for guys who have lots of testosterone and time in their arms but it’s actually an old-fashioned technique for shoemaking that you’re aware of.

These dress shoes in brown are available in a variety of different styles, were created to let water escape as the wearer walked through the boggy Gaelic farms. However, here’s where things become complicated. Because broguing is more of a fashion technique than a sole of a shoe, Oxfords can be brogues and so can Derbies and wingstips.

The rule of thumb is that greater holes mean more informal. Therefore, if you’re seeking something that will bring your from boardrooms to bars, go for a semi-brogue which does not have the W-shaped toe style.

What to look for

“Brown brogues can be a British style and everyone should include a pair,” says Little. “Look for a round-toe with a chunky sole wear with jeans or an elegant almond-shaped shoe with an elegant sole made of leather to wear with a formal outfit.

“Tan is the traditional color however if you’d like to look more subtle go for a darker brown. Choose leather that appears to be burnished because it looks luxurious and will improve with each polish.”
Recommended Brands

Cheap: Marks & Spencer, Dune, River Island

The Premium Team: Oliver Sweeney, Paul Smith, Ted Baker

Luxury: Church’s, Tricker’s, Thom Browne

The Suede Loafer

Although it is associated with dressing as JFK The invention of the loafer does not have anything related to the prettier Ivy League, nor the simple loaf of bread (shoe-naming is often a real-life business, after all).

The first pair of shoes on record was made in the late 1930s by an early 1930s Norwegian known as Nils the Gregoriusson Tveranger. He designed his Aurland shoes on traditional fishing slip-ons as well as Native American moccasins, and this was the basis of the iconic Weejuns made by American shoemaker G.H. Bass.

With a diamond-shaped cut-out The penny loafer has remained virtually unchanged since its introduction, along with the more stylish tassled and horsebit versions. Although leather is a popular option however, soft suede is the more flexible option.

What to Look For

“The traditional design of the suede loafer is suited to more sophisticated outfits as well as being worn in combination with socks or with no socks, for an elegant summer look,” says Mr Porter senior buyer for shoes David Morris. “If you’re looking for a chic-casual look, consider a penny loafer made of suede with a darker brown, or even a tan shade that can be put on with slim-leg shorts or chinos.”
Recommended Brands

Affordable: G.H. Bass & Co., H&M, Zara

Premium Brooks Brothers, Reiss and Charles Tyrwhitt

Luxury: Gucci, Cheaney, Edward Green

It’s the White Leather Low Top

Men’s fashion enthusiasts are always talking about the most popular and stylish sneakers of the moment. But if they were forced to pick just one that they could immortalize the past, there’s a good possibility that it would be the white leather low-top.

The slick look is exemplified in recent times by the Adidas Stan Smith. The first time it was introduced was in the early 1960s under the name Robert Hallilet style, the shoe changed its name in 1978. It was only in the last decade that been that the tennis white shoe been a staple.

Nowadays, every brand worth its salt comes with their own style, ranging from super-minimal to sporty, to be combined with anything from jeans to tailored.

What to look for

“If you’re wearing white low-tops paired with suits, make sure they are as clean as you can,” says Little. “Other than this, they can be worn with anything.

“To ensure that your shoes stay clean, try not wearing them with raw denim However, that’s the one true no-no. Wear them with flannel pants with a merino hoodie for an elegant casual look, or with the chinos and a bomber at weekends.”
Recommended Brands

Affordable: Nike, Superga, Adidas

Premium: Common Projects, Grenson, Polo Ralph Lauren

Luxurious: Gucci, Givenchy, Tom Ford

Retro Trainers

Nowadays, a pair of running shoes could hold many treats and tricks as the electronic rectangle that is in your pocket. It’s great for running but not so great for dressing up your weekend.

It’s a good idea to travel back with regards to sneakers to a time when the runners of today were spectacular, vibrant and, dare we say it, enjoyable.

Retro designs like that of the Nike Cortez and the Adidas Gazelle are simple to find, with more recent brands such as Novesta, Spalwart and Walsh offering decent impressions of the kicks of the 1970s and the ’80s.

What to Look For

“Retro sneakers have stood in the face of time due to their minimalist style and comfortable level of comfort,” says Morris. “Styles such as Vans canvas sneaker as well as the Prada Milano are all very versatile choices for an office outfit that is dressed down or for a casual, weekend look.

“Worn best when worn with black or indigo denim , and an old-fashioned T-shirt, these trainers bring a hint of nostalgia to your everyday style.”
Recommended Brands

Affordable: Vans, Superga, Novesta

Premium: Nike, Adidas, Reebok

Luxury: Prada, Balenciaga, Veja

This is the Leather Lace-Up Boot

A well-constructed pair of boots can be an essential accessory to any outfit even if it’s for no other reason that they’re usually made of the same material as a brick You know.

Shoes that have been worn by farmers, soldiers, and many different types of laborers, these the lace-ups made of leather will stand up to whatever they are thrown at them, be it an oil slick , or an rare spillage of coffee.

The reassuringly sturdy features such as Goodyear welting and triple-stitched seams which are common in brands like Grenson as well as Red Wing, mean that an excellent pair of shoes will last for years when properly cared for.

What to Look For

“Make sure your leg is comfortable otherwise it will hurt wearing,” advises Little. “Stick to the look of workwear with a rugged twill trouser with a roll-up. Slimmer, more stylish versions can be worn with a suit in the event that the trouser’s leg is narrow enough and cut at your ankle.”
Recommended Brands

Cheap: Clarks, John Lewis, Dune

Premium: Red Wing, Dr Martens, Oliver Sweeney

Luxury: Grenson, Cheaney, Moncler

The ‘Goes with Everything’ Chelsea Boot

“Chelsea booties are a timeless style that won’t go away,” says Little, and it’s true since they’ve been around since the middle of the 19th century.

The Chelsea was originally designed by the shoemaker of Queen Victoria J. Sparkes-Hall to provide an alternative to riding boots The Chelsea is named today from the affluent London borough , where they became fashionable during the 60s and the 1970s.

Find pairs that are made of only two pieces of suede or leather which is a sign of high-quality workmanship. Also, like Little recommends: “Make sure the elastic around the ankle is strong since it’s often the first to fail and can be difficult to fix.”

What to Find

“Chelsea boots work particularly well with slim, tailored trousers with a slight cut,” states Morris. “If you’re planning to wear them with formal attire ensure that the color of your footwear is complementary to the hue of your suit . You can also opt for a sleeker shoe to make your style sleek.”

As versatile as are they This is a shoe that doesn’t have to be kept in perfect condition because the occasional scratch or scratch just infuses the shoe with rock ‘n’ roll swagger.
Recommended Brands

Cheap: ASOS, H&M, Marks & Spencer

Premium: Kurt Geiger, Dr Martens, Dune

Luxury: Saint Laurent, R.M. Williams, Crockett & Jones

4 Tips for Keeping Your Shoes Clean

There are few who know the art of footwear as Tim Cooper. As a third generation shoemaker and cobbler-in-chief of Oliver Sweeney, he knows not just about the importance of hand-crafted craftsmanship but that a great footwear can get better with proper treatment. Here are his top four guidelines to follow.

Choose Your Polish Well

“Choosing the best polish for your shoes is easy – just read the label. A quality polish must consist of natural components like carnauba wax or beeswax. These ingredients nourish the leather in the same way that moisturisers nourish your skin, keeping drying or cracking, as well as losing its luster.”

They can prolong their lives

“Once every 4 to 6 months, make sure to apply a thick conditioner to your footwear prior to polishing to extend their life span and make the most from the material. I’ve tried a variety of polishing materials and polishing, but the old tights provides the most beautiful, shiny finish.”

Use Security

“Whether it’s sneakers or shoes you can use a spray that is hydrophobic to guard against environmental elements. It keeps water molecules out from the surface on the surface. If you’ve worn them during the rain, let the sneakers to naturally dry. cover the toes with newspaper and whatever else you can make sure you don’t place them near any open flame.”

Make sure it is clean

“Always remove any dirt or grime from your shoes to avoid further injury. To clean your shoes, utilize hot water and a dry cloth, and an easy bristle brush. For more challenging areas, apply a leather cleaner products using a clean, dry fabric and brush. Remove the cleaner with an emollient cloth and allow it to dry.”