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Our Most Popular Cakes

The only thing more delicious than eating a slice of cake is the two pieces of cake. Cakes are changing constantly around the world as bakers experiment with flavors, designs as well as shapes, decorations and even textures. Although we each have our own preferences in regards to cakes, there is one thing that connects us all We all enjoy cakes, regardless of our age! There are many well-known cake flavors that have been through the ages and are now a favorite. If you’ve never had the pleasure of trying them we recommend to put your cap on and test these flavours today. An experiment is never a bad thing for anyone.


Chocolate is frequently regarded as one of the most delicious flavors for cakes. It’s hard to resist a slice delicious, moist chocolate cake. Cakes made of chocolate sponge, and then covered with chocolate mousse or ganache and topped with truffle frosting. Chocolate cakes have the remarkable capability of being decadent and delicious while remaining easy to prepare.

Our homemade opium cake is an absolute must-have. The mousse-based cake is created by making layers of dark chocolate sponges with chocolaty mousse. It is decorated with chocolate curly. It’s an absolute pleasure to eat and is a popular cake flavor with customers.

Another popular cake can be found in one of the most popular cakes is Dutch Truffle, which is an airy, light sponge cake, topped with chocolate truffle Ganache. This cake is perfect sweetness, and gives chocolate lovers everything they would like to find when they eat a cake made of chocolate. It includes an extremely soft chocolate sponge, a rich truffle ganache, and many layers!

If you’re seeking in the chocolate cake, go for one that blends white, dark and milk chocolate. This Chocoholic cake is filled with dark white, white and milk chocolate mousse to ensure that you are able to enjoy all three kinds of chocolate in each bite.


While fruit cake may not be as well-known as chocolate cakes but they certainly have a loyal group of passionate fans. The fans of fruit cakes will agree that there is nothing comparable to the sensation of eating a delicious sponge cake that is topped with fluffy whipped cream and lots of fresh, delicious fruits. There are all sorts of berries included in these cakes , as well as seasonal fruits like mangoes, Kiwis, and, of obviously pineapples. Although this exotic fruit may not be a favorite on pizzas, it’s certainly a staple in cakes. Serve a fresh, sweet and slightly tangy fruit with some cream fresh and voil√†! you’ll get a timeless favorite. Fresh cream pineapple cake is the classic vanilla sponge with an exclusive pineapple compote as well as fresh cream that will delight your palate.

Red velvet

The cake will be a feast for the eyes as well as the taste senses. Cakes made of red velvet are famous for their distinctive bright red color. We blend buttermilk and cocoa sponge with a delicious cream cheese frosting and lime juice to make a red velvet cake with an explosion of flavor. People who like this cake flavor can relish it any day. And even those who aren’t a fan of cakes with red velvet frosting can put aside their favorite cakes to go for this red-hued delight for Valentine’s Day or a wedding anniversary. Nothing says love quite like the color red, doesn’t it?

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The word itself contains two of our most loved foods , the cheese as well as cake. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this flavor of cake is a delight to enjoy. The distinctive New York Cheesecake is a extremely popular cake flavor and is made from cream cheese and a buttery biscuit base. The New York style baked cheese cake comes with an extra twist We finish the cake by adding merengue made from scratch that is then baked to the perfect temperature.


Butterscotch is a delicious cake flavor. After you’ve had a taste from this delicious cake you’ll have no turning back. The cake is made using butter and brown sugar as the main ingredients. It is usually paired with pralines, or dark chocolate curls. However, the result is simply amazing! If you’re seeking a cake that is sweet with a slight crunch, and an incredibly buttery flavor, this cake is the cake to choose.