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Should I cut my hair shoulder length?

Q: I’m planning cutting my hair to shoulder length but I’m not certain until now. It’s already bra strap length. What are the negative and positive effects that shoulder hair length has on women’s overall appearance?

Q: While it’s a blast to cut your hair often It’s also a good idea to take a look at both the advantages and disadvantages before you make a decision just like you are doing. This can go a long way to ensure that you’re not left disappointed or upset after you’ve made the decision to get you hair cut.

The shoulder-length cut is an extremely flexible and maintenance-free haircut. it’s not a huge way to have long hair. Let’s consider the benefits first:

1. Shoulder length hair is never going out of fashion, and could be considered an “timeless timeless cut”. Take a look at photos of hairstyles that have been popular throughout the ages and you’ll notice how the cut that is shoulder-length is always prominent. This is due to the fact that this length of hair is typically an all-purpose flattering, easy to maintain and flexible cut. You are able to still wear your hair down or up according to your personal preference or the occasion.

2. If you’re used to having long hair, you’ll see that shorter hair needs lesser maintenance products, such as shampoo conditioner, treatment and so on. Hair is clearly shorter, and therefore it requires less products to maintain your hair’s condition.

3. It’s also a great opportunity to rid yourself of all the unhealthy hairs that have broken and split ends. Even the most healthy-looking long hair is likely to be split or damaged at the ends. Blowing dry, styling, coloring, brushing as well as the sun are all known to cause damage to hair as time passes. Since the hair’s tips are more seasoned, it has been exposed to the elements for a longer amount of time, which makes it more prone to breaking or breakage.

4. The change in your hair could be as beneficial as a celebration. If you’re planning changing to a shoulder length hair style, consider to incorporate a new color too. You can have some highlights or lowlights made, or alter the shade of the hair. Changes to your appearance can be stimulating and thrilling So, treat yourself to the entire experience.

5. If you don’t love the new length and long the length of your hair, you don’t have to wait for long time to see it return. When you chop your hair in a ponytail style or something similar, it could take many years to grow your hair back to its long length. So the shoulder-length hairstyle is safer when you’re not sure if you’ll enjoy the shorter length.

There are a few possible negatives

1. It’s possible that a single length of shoulder hair could make your face appear excessively long or look dragged down. It’s best to inquire with your hairdresser about whether your facial shape would be a good fit with a cut shoulder.

2. If your hair appears to be slightly short but wavy it is possible that your hair will turn curlier as the hair gets shorter because of the lower downward pull. Unfortunately, there is no method to determine what the hair’s structure changes, unless you cutting it, and then analysing the curl and wave of your hair.