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The Five Most Fundamental Factors For Men’s Styling

There is a point in a man’s career when he realizes that he’d like to look better dressed and spruce up his appearance.

For many it is then followed by another realisation:

It’s likely that you don’t know what to do to find male clothing.

One of the fundamental rules of menswear is evident that not all clothing is made equal.

Were they, we’d probably have as admiration for the man wearing the tight-fitting cargo pants and tank top you do for the gentleman in the perfect three-piece suit.

But the beauty of it all lies in the details. A lot of men realise that the reason they don’t have no idea where to shop for clothes for men is due to the fact that they aren’t sure what they should be looking for.

What Men Need to Know about purchasing Clothes

What is it that makes certain pieces of clothing for men superior to other pieces?

What is it that sets a particular outfit apart?

What are the top shopping tips for guys who wish to upgrade their appearance?

After a long time of poring over fashion bibles such as GQ and Esquire as well as spending more time than one should spend at the mall, I was able to identify five essential things men need to consider when shopping for masculine clothing.

Let’s look at what is important and what’s not in the search for clothes that can make you appear and feel more confident.

How to shop for men’s Clothes

Five Factors that Matter The Most

Men’s Clothes

1. The Most Important Thing (By So Far!) is… Fit.

When you are deciding whether you should put your hard-earned dollars into the purchase of a garment it is important to consider everything as being in good shape.

A great sweater could look stunning on a particular person, when it fits his torso and shoulders perfectly and complements his arms. It is wrapped around his neck in a perfect way.

The same sweater may appear ridiculous on a different man when it is draped over his shoulders in the dress, or if it hangs from his hips, or hides his arms under the layers.

When you’re trying out a new item ensure you’re wearing the correct size before making any other judgements.

If you’re a slimmer person, it’s likely you’ll should think about taking a smaller size from the size you’re used.

As an awkward child my parents would constantly buy my clothes that were a couple of sizes too big, based because they believed it would “grow in it.”

Although I did gain weight however, my basic proportions didn’t change. My shoulders didn’t become much larger while my arms weren’t grow any lengthier.

The large-sized sweaters I was supposed to “grow into” were still a joke on me until I was in my 20s.

It wasn’t until I realized that in certain instances the size I’m in is Small and not a Medium that I got started cutting a more streamlined cut.

If you’re at the opposite extreme of the scale The reverse could be the case.

The fact that a medium size worked for you does not mean it will last forever at some point you may have to think about moving up to the size of a large to ensure your clothes fit your body without putting your body in a grip that is unsustainable.

2. Selecting Colors that Match Your Style

For many years, people (and with “people” I usually mean my mum) would purchase me orange or red sweatshirts and shirts.

I don’t really know the reason behind these purchases, apart from the possibility that bright colors pop off the rack and entice potential buyers.

I’ve never had the courage to admit that I’d be forced to put these shady gifts to the back of my closet, or even take them back and attempt to trade them in.

It’s true that there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with orange and red in terms of colors, these do not suit my skin tone.

I am able to trace my lineage to one-half Irish and one-half Italian.

In summer, I am gorgeously tanned. In the winter months I’m quite pasty and all the time I’m at risk of seeing my face and nose be red if I catch an illness or blow my nose to often, or expose myself to too excessive sun.

In the end, orange and red tops only make the redness pop out in my face. It does not say “I’ve increased my level of living” in the same way as “I’m near to suffering from heat stroke.”

If you’re unsure what colors would best suit your shade of skin, I would suggest staying with the classics.

3. Designing a Style That’s Yours Only

From denim jackets lined with fur to well-fitted Hawaiian tops There are many incredible clothes that appear stunning at the store or on magazines like GQ however they wouldn’t make me look stylish.

What do I know? They’re not part My Personal Style Profile.

The Personal Style Profile can be a model for your overall appearance that will make you – and nobody other than you – feel at ease and confident.

It helps you organize all your clothes that help you make sure that the clothes you put on will help you feel the most comfortable.

Consider: Do you are aware of when and how you’ll be wearing something? Can you imagine how it will fit in with other items in your outfit?

Let me provide you with an example.

Imagine that you’re a young businessman who works for an innovative tech company.

You’re looking great with skinny jeans, a snug shirt, knitties Chuck Taylors, large plastic glasses.

A Personal Style Profil falls somewhere in the middle between “modern formal” or “So-Cal skater.”

If that’s the type of men’s styling it makes one feel powerful and confident, then you’re probably not going to spend thousands of dollars on a moto jacket made of leather regardless of how amazing it looks on a fashion model (or how much you’re enticed to buy it when you read about it in GQ).

The positive side is the fact that creating your personal Style Profile is simple.

4. Find the right feel

I admit that I’m not the best for the cheap button-up shirts sold at H&M at around 15 bucks.

They are so comfortable (which as I’ve said is the most important thing) and are available in colors that match my skin tone.

But when I take it back and compare the shirt with my higher-quality more well-constructed dress shirts purchased from brands such as Banana Republic and Suitsupply, I must admit that I’m often disappointed by my choice.

After you have found the perfect color and fit Pay attention to the feel and texture. What does each piece feel like?

The main reasons why stores like H&M can offer these clothing at such low prices is because they don’t invest in the fabric.

They make use of a light synthetic material which feels more like plastic than cotton. It will show when I put on the shirt.

In fact, it’s so light that it’s transparent. Flashing your nips isn’t an ideal look for a man who is concerned about his appearance.

It also feels more like I’m dressed in a cheap Halloween outfit rather than a professional and well-constructed outfit.

While fitting and color are important take a look at the fabric the clothes you wear and also the material you are wearing.

The more comfortable a piece is when touched, the more attractive it will appear and last longer. It also increases the time it will last if you take maintain it in a proper manner.

5. What is the best amount to spend?

It’s not an chance that the price is at the bottom of this listing.

When it comes to determining how you can afford your clothes Here’s a great principle to remember:

Cheap clothing is usually manufactured at a low cost If the cost is too low, then you should be cautious.

However the fact is an expensive price tag doesn’t guarantee top quality.

There are a lot of brands that price their products at the top of the males’ clothing spectrum, not because their style fitting, material, and design justify it however, they wish you believe they have.

The concept of positioning is very powerful in sales and marketing – generally in the sense that whenever we come across something that is priced very high it is assumed that there’s some reason behind it, which makes us more likely to purchase that price without pondering it.

However, there are plenty of fantastic deals available on male wear that doesn’t require you to shell out an arm or leg.

If you’re looking for the local mall, shops such as Club Monaco and Massimo Dutti are (in my opinion, at a minimum) usually overpriced and are not worth your time.

Stores such as Banana Republic, J.Crew and the Gap are all generally safe options to get great items at affordable costs.

At the lower end the stores such as Old Navy are cheaper for reasons, but when you shop with care, you may find some fantastic purchases for less than half the cost.

(For example, their exercise equipment is reasonably priced, and lasts surprisingly long.)

If you follow the rule of thumb in your mind and look for sales as often as possible and make a conscious decision about the price tag on your clothing, you will certainly find items that allow you to upgrade your style without putting a dent in your budget.

Remember to keep in mind that irrespective of the amount you spend, it’s all in the small details.