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Why Silk Flowers are Popular in 2022

You may have wondered why brides choose fake flowers over fresh flowers. Let’s face the facts. It’s her big moment, and most brides are married with the intention to be together forever. So why not get the best?
However, as a former bride who chose fresh over fake, I understand it. I am still amazed at the number of reasons brides choose silk flowers over fresh, even though I am a Floral Designer.

I have created Silk Real Touch bouquets for more than 400 weddings across three continents. It has been a revelation to me that some brides prefer fake flowers over fresh flowers. Fake flowers provide brides with advantages not found in fresh blooms. This is especially true for destination weddings.

Destination brides are my most frequent clients. Most of my clients have questions about color, type, availability, quality, shipping, and availability. Frangipani is my signature flower. It’s also called Real Touch Plumeria. Living Plumerias are easy to wilt and turn brown. They are not a favorite of florists. This is particularly true in hot, humid tropical climates. A bride who believes she can’t control these circumstances will choose to have fake Plumerias and not fresh.

This is just one example. Each bride I have worked alongside has her own story of why she prefers fake flowers to fresh. It’s not because she loves fake flowers. Plumerias are her favorite flower. Silk Real Touch is the best choice due to the delicate blooms.

These are the main reasons I believe brides will continue to choose fake over real.

Fake flowers allow a bride to have exactly what she needs, whenever she wants it. No premium will be charged to the bride if her favorite flowers go out of season. A bride can have the perfect bouquet if she gives her designer enough notice. She can ship her flowers anywhere in the world and return home stress-free. The bride or groom can have a bouquet that looks real, even if they are allergic to certain scents or pollens.


Your flowers can be ordered 6-12 months in advance to ensure timely delivery anywhere in the globe. This is especially important for international brides. Brides who order their bouquets earlier can have a prewedding photograph taken and bring her flowers to her final dress fitting. You can send her a sample before placing your order. She will also be able to approve the bouquet and make minor adjustments if she has time.

Fake flowers are a far cry from their original form. Real Touch artificial flowers are some of the best in the business. They do look and feel exactly like real flowers. Due to the increased quality, brides are more convinced to choose fake flowers over fresh. Real Touch flowers are beautiful to photograph and hard to tell that they’re real.

There is an increasing demand for high-quality fake flowers, such as Silk Real Touch, even though nothing can match the beauty of fresh flowers from nature. This new trend in quality has led to many florists being open to including a few stems quality silk flowers into their designs. To make this possible, I’ve worked with numerous florists worldwide. Many florists are happy to work with Real Touch flowers. However, I understand why others might be reluctant.

But there are rare situations when a florist may want to be prepared. A bride might need Plumerias for her bouquet but it is impossible due to circumstances. This gives you an excellent opportunity to bring quality Real Touch Plumerias for her to consider as an option.

Fake flowers won’t replace the beauty of natural flowers, which are fresh and fragrant. Artificial flowers will still be an industry necessity for florists and bridal designers.