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Awakening Your Senses to Stardust: The Enigmatic Stardawg Experience

Sixty percent Cannabis sativa and forty percent Cannabis indica make up the Stardawg strain, which has a strong sativa smell. It has about 22% THC, which is mild to high, and no CBD. This strain is known for having a strong smell and making people feel lively. When taken in the right amount, Stardawg is great for dealing with stress, inflammation, chronic pain, and sadness.

The Stardawg strain is the child of two famous cross strains from the Top Dawg seed company in the Bay Area of California. Their names are Chemdawg 4 and Tres Dawg. With strong diesel, chemical, and earthy notes that come from both parent types, Stardawg has a very strong, earthy smell.

Some people, especially beginners or people who are used to sweet strains, might be scared off by this smell. But cannabis fans like this strain’s strong, stinky smell, which has been compared to morning breath and dead animals.

Because this type is mostly sativa, it makes you feel energised and happy. It’s often used to improve happiness and help people think more clearly. It’s also known that this type gives you a high that lasts a long time. Stardawg can make you feel high for more than three hours, which is longer than most types of marijuana.

This is why Stardawg is a good strain to smoke first thing in the morning. But be careful, because this strain has a strong smell that makes it hard to be quiet. If you want to try it before work or in public, you might want to remember this.

The name “Stardawg” came from both its family tree and the star-shaped trichomes that cover the buds. People say that this strain’s crystal-like trichomes are so densely packed on the buds that they shine like stars in the night sky. This is a perfect name for a strain that makes you feel like you’re swimming in the stars.

How Much to Take

Because everyone has a different endocannabinoid system (ECS), what works for one person might not work for someone else. So, the best thing to do with cannabis is to start slowly and take small, controlled doses whenever you can. This is especially important if you are new to cannabis. People who use Stardawg to deal with worry, depression, or anxiety may do better on lower doses than on higher ones.

Going Up

This plant can be grown inside, outside, or in a garden. Growing isn’t impossible for someone who has done it before, but it’s also not easy. For that reason, it is not suggested for novice gardeners.

Because it needs to be topped and pruned, this plant is quite labor-intensive, which is one reason why it’s better for experienced growers. Because stardawg grows straight up and isn’t usually bushy, it needs to be topped. When you top the plant, it gets bushier, which lets more sunshine hit a bigger area of the plant, which increases the yield.

It is possible to get 3 ounces of fruit per square metre of Stardawg grown indoors. When grown outside, each Stardawg plant can produce 7 ounces. Some cannabis strains produce more cannabis, but this one doesn’t. Many growers believe that this strain’s strong benefits are worth the time and work.

It is well known that Stardawg goods smell bad, and this plant is no different. If you decide to grow your Stardawg indoors, you will have to deal with the smell. To get rid of the smell, many growers use ventilation or air filter systems.