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Best Practices For Repairing A Gearbox

If you happen to experience a problem with your gearbox, you’re likely to be thinking what options you have. Because they’re rare problem in the majority of cases and you might not realize that there are a variety of choices. What should you choose? Recon, new, or used? In this post, we will mainly discuss the advantages and disadvantages among repairs, recon’s and used gearboxes, as these are the most commonly used alternatives and then briefly describe our experiences using these.

New Gearbox

This is a pretty straightforward option to explanation and a lot of people are unaware that there are alternatives out there. This is understandable when you consider the majority of general repairs for vehicles: brakes service, tyres they all require new parts for the job.


The advantages of a brand new model is that it’s new and has an extended service life. They will typically be sold by a major dealer. They can also be covered by a warranty to give you peace of mind, which is usually 12 months.


These are typically extremely expensive, and often exceed even the worth of the car the vehicle.
Long lead times may create problems with units not being available and needing to be ordered through a central warehouse located overseas.

Recon Gearbox

Reconditioning a complete gearbox requires the removal and replacement of the required parts on a gearbox which has suffered wear and tear or damage. The gearboxes still have old parts, but they will last for the lifespan for the automobile.

It’s similar as having a brand new gearbox, but without the expensive price.
Seals and bearings are replaced in the standard manner on recon units. They are often accompanied by other components modified to meet the standard requirements for recon.


Excellent reliability, without the cost of a brand new unit.
We typically provide a longer warranty than what you’d get from the purchase of a new device!
All the parts are covered under warranty.


It could still be costly based on the model and its availability.
There is a possibility of a limited supply on specific vehicles, meaning that customers’ need to have their unit upgraded.

Gearbox Repairs

A large portion of the work we perform involves fixing specific issues in an gearbox. If you’re having difficulty choosing a specific gear, we can repair the parts which comprise that component of the gearbox and not have to replace the entire unit. This will save you a significant amount of money because you only repair the issue at hand instead of replacing the entire unit. The most frequent repair is replacing a bearing and then gear repair because of a failure or crunching.


In most cases, cost-effective and will save the client significant amounts of money.
It immediately identifies and corrects the problems in the gearbox.
Great warranty period to ensure your security.


Repairing gearboxes takes a lot of lengthy and the investigation duration can be quite long.
The vehicle is expected to be inactive for a couple of days.
Certain components have lengthy lead times, which can lead to delays.

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Used Gearboxes

This is the second most common in our industry and it is due to one factor: reliability. We do provide used outsourced gearboxes for our customers. This is due to the fact that there are instances where fixing or reconditioning the gearbox expensive. It could be due to the old age of the vehicle, or the condition of the vehicle. Another reason could be that there aren’t always parts readily available to fix your unit. This is the situation with the majority of BMW models, where parts need to be made specifically for the gearbox you have.


The cheapest and usually the least expensive option to fix the vehicle.


Unreliable. Sometimes, with just a month warranty.
Highly prone to failure in some models.